Advice to Agencies and Recruitment Suppliers

Our approach to our recruitment

We constantly invest time and effort in building and growing our employer brand and our recruitment channels in order to hire the skills and experience we need to ensure our success. Our channels include: Our vast network of industry contacts, competitors, job boards and their affiliates, LinkedIn and other professional and social networks.


To allow us to realise a return on this investment it is our policy that the use of recruitment suppliers (such as agencies, head-hunters, advertising, shortlisting etc.) is kept to an absolute minimum, as such, in the rare event that agency support is required we have an established group of partners that know us well and with whom we have negotiated favourable terms.


In the same way you would expect your customer to honour your preferred arrangements, we expect prospecting agencies and suppliers to honour our relationships in order to maintain their trust and loyalty.


We do appreciate that from time to time you may come across the most amazing candidate and you may feel utterly compelled to present their CV to us on a speculative basis.  Before you do so you need to be aware that it is corporate policy to refrain from carrying out business with an organisation that thinks that it is acceptable practice to send unsolicited CVs across the organisation.  All supplier interest is logged and reviewed on an ongoing basis. We will contact potential suppliers, based on their approach and market sector experience on a needs basis.  Prospecting suppliers sending CVs without our prior consent are immediately blacklisted and will not be given the opportunity to work with us should the need arise, irrespective of the quality of service provided.


Any CV received on a speculative basis will not be acknowledged as received and Intergence will not observe any terms and conditions associated with it.  Furthermore, should Intergence hire the respective candidate through a legitimate source then we will not be liable for any fees whatsoever from the agency submitting the unsolicited CV.