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Intergence heads to Malawi to set up computer lab

chris johnson and home of hope
Chris Johnson, Senior Developer at Cambridgeshire IT Consultancy ‘Intergence Systems Ltd’ helps get a Malawian computer lab up and running after three years.

Affectionately known as ‘The API Guy’, Chris and his team took the old non-functioning computers away and replaced with new Raspberry Pi’s which meant they finally, after three years they have a functioning computer lab for their vocational training centre. This means the children and young adults now have the opportunity to learn basic computer and programming skills.

Home For Hope

Home of Hope nurture orphaned and vulnerable children in Malawi through education, accommodation, health and of course fun. They work tirelessly to ensure the children are prepared for the future, with over 600 receiving education each day onsite. It was started by Rev. Chipeta in 1998 after he retired as a church preacher in Malawi.

Chris adds; “I was asked to help on a youth group trip here 3 and a half years ago and fell in love with the place. I never intended to return after that first trip, but I’ve found myself back here every year since. Each year is different, I’ve been involved in teaching about administration, installing solar power, the computer lab this year, and most importantly spending time with the children and young adults.”

Chris came to Intergence to ask for donations to help and with that they provided 10 Raspberry Pi computers, along with mice and keyboards. It has been three years since they have had a functioning computer lab which made it difficult for Home for Hope to prepare their students for the modern world of work.

Peter Job, Intergence CEO said; “We are all really proud of Chris giving up his free time to help this amazing organisation. We made a very small donation to get their computer lab up and running, but Chris and the team on site have the expertise and do all the hard work…”

You can find out more about Home for Hope here: https://homeofhopemalawi.org/
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