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Welcome to our Content Catalogue where you will find all the resources to assist you on your digital transformation journey. You will find eBooks, data sheets and case studies of work we have done with some of our clients. If you have any questions or would like some help please do get in touch here.


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Digital Transformation -

Guiding Principles

An e-book on how to build the basic framework for successful digital transformation programme.


Network First for

Digital Transformation

The first step in any successful Digital Transformation strategy is the assessment of your existing network infrastructure.

Debunking Cloud Software's Biggest Myths

Download this executive e-book from our Managed Services resource centre to understand moving to the cloud

Moving into the Cloud Ebook_Cover.jpg

Moving into the Cloud

5 tips to help ensure successful cloud deployment and eliminate costly mistakes. 

Six Life Saving Tools Ebook_Cover.jpg

Six life-saving tools to understand the benefits of APM

Six invaluable tips to make sure that you can understand your applications and build a case for managing them more effectively.

Agile Service Management Cover.jpg

Agile Service Management

Understand Intergence Managed Services Agile Service Management practices

Microservices Ebook_Cover.jpg

The Challenge of Monitoring Microservices

Microservice architecture, coupled with containerisation, is a

game-changer in the modern digital world

Case Studies

Tendring District Council - 

Case Study

How Intergence helped Tendring District Council boost their network and data security

Local Authority - 

Case Study

How Intergence's agile methodology made transformation flexible and savings predictable.

Ferry Company - 

Case Study

How Intergence has helped a well-known Ferry company transform its service

Helping a major UK retailer maintain critical WAN services during the peak Black Friday and festive trading periods.

Retail Case Study

Working with a global company on their data centre hosting and cloud services

Cloud Transformation - 

Case Study

Data Sheets

Infrastructure Discovery and Application Mapping

The challenge of infrastructure discovery, and using Stratiam infrastructure discovery mapping

Service Overview: Managed Desktop

Our Managed Desktop Services provides remote operation and administration. 

Service Overview: Managed Firewall

Intergence's Managed Services Firewall services are the first line of defence against attacks.

The Local Area Network (LAN) is a pivotal component in the deilivery of digital services

Service Overview: Managed LAN Services

The WAN is a key enabler in transforming businesses to the new digital economy.

Service Overview: Managed WAN Services