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CV Format

Please send your CV in the correct format.
Like many companies, Intergence uses a candidate management system which parses your CV, allowing us to search for skills, accreditations, previous employers etc. A copy is also sent to our email inbox.
We have found that the optimal way of managing CVs is in a Word format, as such, our vacancies always specify sending in Word format.  If choose to send your CV in a non-word format such as PDF, there is a possibility that it will not be imported correctly and we may miss out on you. If your CV does get through, we will email you and ask you to re-apply with a CV in the correct format which causes delay.



Target your application

When you apply for a role you may want to consider targeting the content of the CV specific to the role you are applying for. You may also want to emphasise the relevant skills or experience making it obvious to the reader. If the relevant information is hidden in the text and obscured by other less relevant information it is possible that it could be missed and you could get overlooked.  If our role specification asks for certain competencies, abilities or experience then ensuring your CV contains the relevant reference will increase your chances of having your application shortlisted. It is fair to say that you will require multiple copies of your CV, this is not uncommon.  It is good practice to send your CV to a named person or organisation, preferably specifying a particular role, and where possible you may want to avoid sending bulk applications or worse still mass mailing your application to an enormous mailing list for generic job type.



Your CV contains a chronologically ordered list of your career history, it is good to make sure that your dates are accurate, that you don't have each of your previous roles stated as Current and that you have spelt the company names correctly.  Your layout is equally important: try to be consistent with layout tense, and that your use of fonts is appropriate and consistent.


A photograph is personal preference but we would never select a candidate on the basis of their photo, no matter how smart and presentable you may be. If you are keen to share your photo, then consider posting it on your LinkedIn profile and sharing your profile URL on your CV.










Screening and interviewing

The Intergence recruitment process is underpinned by rigorous screening and interviewing with the recruiters, managers and where required, with customers.  Should your profile be selected you will be invited to participate in a number of telephone and face to face interviews to validate areas such as: your biographical data, competencies, technical / functional skills, your potential and your right to live and work in the relevant location as appropriate.


Video Interviews

In certain circumstances we may elect to use proprietary video interviewing technology deployed by Sonru. This allows us to complete pre-screen interviews at the candidate's convenience without the need to organise interview days. We generally utilise video interviews at an early stage in the process and it is simply one part of the process and we have found it to be highly effective.  We give you plenty of time to complete the interview, and advice on how to approach it, and please rest assured, your video, along with any personal data we hold is held in the strictest of confidence.


Pre-employment checking

Like many employees, it is corporate policy to carry out pre-employment checks on any new hire before we engage them. This protects the interests and the integrity of Intergence and our customers.

Therefore, as a condition of any offer of a contract or a permanent role with Intergence we may research and verify certain background information about you, such as; criminal records, solvency, directorships, college/university validation and health prior to any offer.


Speculative CVs

Please bear in mind that Intergence is not a recruitment agency or staffing company, we regularly receive applications from people saying that they are looking for a certain job type and list a number of preferred geographical locations.

If you are keen to send us your CV, please take the time to get an understanding of what we do to make sure we can offer you a role that capitalises on your skills and experience.


Responding to your application

We invariably receive a sizeable response to our recruitment campaigns and whilst our email server has an auto-reply set up to say thank you, you may not actually receive it if you have applied through a 3rd party website or your email spam filter has filtered it out.

Sadly we are unable to follow up in person for every application that we receive: it can be impractical and whilst we do our best to respond, it is likely that we will only come back to you if we want to pursue your application.


Current Vacancies

We aren't currently recruiting but please do check back soon

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