Transforming the overall retail experience

Intergence works with major retailers to improve their IT infrastructure and accommodate digital change. With our experience in both unified communications and advanced business analytics we help our clients to improve the overall retail experience for their customers as well. We also help them solve the problems associated with an increasingly complex IT infrastructure and provide solutions to keep remote branches running during peak trading.

The retail sector is in an unprecedented period of change. Technology, and how effective you are at utilising it, will become the difference between those that thrive and those that struggle to survive.

Kyle Rokkas Operations Director

The top three drivers for change

We fully understand the challenges you face
01 Dramatic shift in shopping habits to a digital platform

More than ever, retailers need to be data-driven and have the insights needed to understand customer behaviour as well recognising trends across the ecosystem that will affect future declines around marketing, product development, sales and traditional physical channels. The ability to gain actionable insights into the whole supply chain and how customers are interacting with technology will become key to differentiate from the competition and to be able to forecast demand in new offerings.

02 Integration of digital and physical

Most retailers have successfully made the transition to online sales and those who have been smart have embraced digital to drive both online and in-store sales. In many cases though, the store experience has remained locked in the past, with old infrastructure that will not support the new technology needed to bring the in-store experience in-line with the on-line experience. New technologies such as SD-WAN will allow branches to offer more integrated services which are bandwidth-hungry, such as AR and VR. Additionally, the adoption of a cloud-first approach will allow cloud-based contact centres to enable better customer service with richer feature sets.

03 Personalisation

The retail customer will undoubtedly demand a much more immersive, tailored experience when shopping both in-store and online. What the digital revolution has done is to provide more choice, so that today it is much more difficult for one retailer to offer a single digital experience. The concept of a curated marketplace where a vendor is carefully screened before being allowed onto a digital platform will also become more prevalent in the new digital retail landscape. All of this will require a shift in the way which retailers track and manage not just suppliers but customer behaviour to provide a truly personalised.

Retail trends - Intergence

AI will enable more personalised product recommendations, while brands will develop on-demand manufacturing. Electronic shelf tags and mobile shopper analytics will also help to get the right deals to the right shoppers, driving loyalty and profitability.

Smarter stores

Computer vision and AI will fuel better shopper and inventory tracking. According to marketing research firm Tractica, AI revenue will touch $36 billion in 2025. At some point, the technology will save marketers over $340 billion annually, thanks mainly to more efficient processes, especially in the supply chain.

Extended reality through AR and VR

Retailers will deploy augmented and virtual reality across platforms to enable try-on, product interaction, and customer service. Watch for retailers to hire e-game developers to get their content up to speed.

Retail everywhere

Car commerce, smart vending, and online-to-offline (O2O) pop-ups will multiply. Online will continue to grow but online only will move offline for more show room style experiences.

Automation & robotics

Automation and robotics will speed up fulfillment aswell as improving efficiency and responsiveness. There will also be the rise of robotics in order fulfillment over the last mile with greater use of drones and other autonomous vehicles.

Voice search

According to OUTERBOX, more than 79% of digital consumers in the US made a purchase via voice search in the final six months of 2019. On Google, voice searches now make up 20% of all searches.

Digital wallets

Digital wallets will go from just payment mechanisms to influencing consumer behavior. Retailers will seek ways to tie the wallets to loyalty and reward programs to get more data around customer behaviour.

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Where agility meets simplicity

At Intergence we believe in a simple, pragmatic, non-jargon approach to digital change, focusing on teamwork, communication and collaboration
IT Infrastructure
IT Infrastructure

We simplify and modernise IT Infrastructures. This means they can perform better, are cheaper to run, easier to manage and less vulnerable to security threats. They are also flexible and scalable enough to facilitate real digital change.

Digital Change

Our team of digital change experts and sustainable ecosystem, will help you employ and implement the latest ‘world class’ technological solutions’, tailored to your exact customer requirements, providing you with pragmatic, best in class advice at each stage of your digital transformation journey.

Business Analytics
Business Analytics

Powered by the world’s first fully integrated data correlation and AI predictive analytics platform, we will provide you with real insight (not just data), across your entire IT infrastructure, saving you time and money, helping you to transform the customer experience and achieve significant competitive advantage.

Managed Services
Managed Services

Our award winning team have experience of managing the performance and cybersecurity of many financial services businesses & systems, helping them focus on delivering superior value to their customers, and giving you piece of mind that their systems, networks and programs are protected from digital attacks.

Intergence Way

All of our digital and IT change projects are powered by The Intergence Way, our unique, pragmatic, no jargon approach to tech projects, designed to help our clients achieve their goals faster and with greater success. We never walk away and leave in place the knowledge, skills and capabilities to help organisations successfully manage technological change and continue delivering value to their customers on a sustainable basis.

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