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Intergence Managed SD-WAN Services

Managed SD-WAN Services

Intergence has partnered with Silver Peak to provide the only viable SD-WAN for global enterprises, which delivers significantly better performance for cloud and on-premises applications; datacentres; branch offices and remote/mobile employees anywhere in the world. Our Global SD-WAN can be deployed within days. It is delivered as a service, so IT organisations can consume global networking services the way they would consume SaaS applications like Salesforce, and IaaS like AWS and Azure.

Intergence Managed Cloud CCaaS

Managed Cloud CCaaS (Contact-Centre-as-a-Service)

Intergence has the technology, industry and contact centre experience to help you succeed. Whether you’re selecting our inbound, outbound, or our blended solution, you are equipped with a system designed to support all types of business and industry applications. Moving your contact centre to the cloud means faster service, better informed agents and a variety of ways to communicate with your customers through full omnichannel integration.

Intergence Managed LAN Services

Managed LAN Services

Local Area Networks (LANs) play a crucial role in ensuring the stability and performance of all applications and services across the company. Intergence assumes responsibility for all tasks relating to the active LAN components - including:  configuration of LAN ports & WLAN access points, management of relevant hardware & software, hardware maintenance, and rollout. Our LAN services includes proactive monitoring, SLA reporting, lifecycle compliance, software maintenance updates, and on-site support.

Intergence Managed Service Desk

Managed Service Desk

Intergence offers a fully managed 24x7x365 global service desk operation with full omnichannel capability. Our Service Desk operational teams also provide value-add Tier-1 support services that significantly reduce Mean-Time-To-Repair (MTTR) through first-time-contact, first-time-fix expertise.

Intergence Managed Desktop & Mobile

Managed Desktop

and Mobile

Our experienced desktop and mobile engineering teams provide both on-site and remote-based technical build & support services across many hardware- and operating- systems. We provide desktop and mobile compliant builds, then manage and support all key assets including lifecycle management, asset management, and patch management.

Intergence Application Performance

Application Performance

Our APM services provide insight into application performance across the enterprise, tackling performance issues before they impact end-users. Our service is all-encompassing designed to provide APM monitoring, alerting, trend analysis and troubleshooting. We offer real-time end user service experience and application transactional response monitoring.

Intergence Managed Security Services

Managed Security Services

Our managed security services are all about understanding where your digital assets are located, where potential vulnerabilities lie, the threats you are open to and preparing the service for complete visibility. Intergence collects broad sets of data, correlates it with rules, and uses cases & threat intelligence to produce insightful events to understand potential areas of weakness.


Managed Cloud Services

Intergence Cloud Services provide businesses with the technical and commercial agility required in today’s digital world. Innovation, service availability, rapid speed to market and flexibility are key to business success in the new digital economy. At Intergence we know how to fit the right cloud services to your business and your goals.

Intergence Managed Network Infrastructure

Managed Network Infrastructure

Our 24x7x365 Infrastructure services are underpinned by our unique Stratiam OSS framework. Stratiam consistently maintains high service availability through its ability to intelligently understand behavioural changes to the base-line service delivery environment, allowing the support teams to proactively manage your infrastructure.

Intergence Application Mapping Professional Services

Application Mapping Professional Services

Our application mapping services discover your entire infrastructure. This generates dependency maps that highlight key relationships and interdependencies through agent-less service and application dependency discovery. Intergence discovers all of your deployed hardware, software, vendors, and versions, automatically.

We provide visualisation views of application and server dependency maps through our Stratiam visualisation service.

Intergence Infrastructure Design Professional Services

Infrastructure Design Professional Services

Effective network design means making the right choices to maximise efficiency, scalability and reliability. Every level of your infrastructure and configuration has a major impact on your business and future growth. Intergence offers a unique combination of expertise, best practice design principle and design modelling tools to guide you through the process. Through our collaborative approach, Intergence can redesign an existing infrastructure for digital readiness, create greenfield solutions, and produce HLD and LLD documentation. We can also assist or lead implementation as well as testing and operational on-boarding for monitoring and performance services.

Intergence Application Experience Professional Services

Application Experience Professional Services

Intergence - visualising the truth behind your customers' digital experience. Customer relationships are built upon a complex chain of technologies working behind the scenes. The entire chain must work flawlessly, or your customers will leave, and your business will suffer. Intergence gives you visibility across every aspect of the chain, so you can monitor and act quickly, ensuring your customers stay connected and happy.

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