Stratiam® enables…

One Platform

One platform with so many use cases for your data and your people. Connect data easily through our intuitive integration engine.

Business Intelligence

Don’t miss the big picture! Connect both structured and unstructured data for deeper insights that your business can leverage.

Blended Correlation

Strengthen your security posture by auto-blending data such as end-point, AD, breach, and compliance for advanced correlated threat detection.

Predictive Analytics

Automatically identify, predict and self-heal IT, security, and business issues before they become problems through AI and machine learning.


Correlating data into insight for…


  • Stratiam® is an enterprise technology platform for the unification of all infrastructure assets including network, cloud, edge computing, security and applications. Our platform is built to deliver the scale, speed and intelligence for end-to-end infrastructure insight
  • Avoid downtime by correlating every key path in the delivery of your IT services for rapid fault identification and resolution
  • Get a complete end-to-end view from your hosted applications through to the delivery of your IT services and end-user experience
  • Remove future bottlenecks and performance related issues with predictive alerting and remediation
  • Move and respond faster, be agile in rapid performance and fault identification and remediation

Managed Services

  • Stratiam® supports managed service providers by increasing efficiency, reducing the cost of operation and preventing IT issues becoming major problems, allowing your teams to focus on delivering value without the worry about technology
  • A simple, visual, easy to deploy tool, for monitoring and improving the performance of your entire IT ecosystem, helping you pin-point service problems and stop them from escalating fast
  • Stratiam® proactive monitoring capability, powered by AI and machine learning, helps you predict issues and prevent them from occurring. This capability has helped our own managed services operation based in Cambridge reduce trouble tickets by 40% and save our clients 100’s hours of potential downtime every week
  • Ultimately, Stratiam® will help your managed services team focus on improving the performance of IT systems and ensure your client’s business is kept safe, secure and compliant


  • Stratiam® optimises your cyber defences by integrating and blending data from your critical security tooling for a complete view of data breaches, risk, fraud and compliance with Stratiam leading data analytics embedded into your security operations - SECOps
  • Identify and remediate security issues faster and more efficiently through correlated data
  • Reduce threat response times by 40% as a result of less time spent analysing and remediating security problems
  • Automate event management and alert on trend deviations using predictive machine learning
  • >60% reduction in false positives through our intelligent correlation of event and log analysis

Digital Change

  • Stratiam® supports digital change by simplifying and consolidating all of your customer, business and IT data into a single view, from which you can extract powerful insights, which will help you transform your business and achieve the goals of your projects faster and with greater success
  • Automatically blending and correlating all of your customer, business and IT data across multiple sources and platforms, will help you uncover unique opportunities to serve customers better, streamline operations and help your business survive, thrive and grow
  • Simple, graphical, visual dashboards will provide you with full transparency of the benefits of your digital change efforts, as they are being achieved, often in real time, bringing clarity, pace and predictability to project delivery
  • Ultimately, Stratiam will help you plan, track and realise the goals of your digital projects, allowing you to focus on delivering even more value to your customers and business on a continuous and sustainable basis
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