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Utilise Intergence’s six proven steps to skyrocket your digital productivity and deliver a strategy that puts your customers at the heart of your business and IT operation.


Set the project scope and “quick wins” and make sure that you can articulate these to the whole business.

Understand and be able to communicate the “end state”. Generate customer experience maps and see where potential digital initiatives can be quickly achieved.

Check out what you need to define your digital strategy and vision.


Review guiding principles and create ROI model to show cost benefits and digital wins for the business and enhance the customer experience.

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Develop minimum viable product (MVP) using cloud, Mobile App and website to provide seamless end to end customer experience to start showing digital benefits.

Use Intergence’s unique Stratiam platform to analyse and report on the results of customer experience and deliver Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) back to the business.

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Use the results of the MVP and analytics to productionise the initial results and complete the digital transformation of the business

and show increased revenue

streams and profitability.

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