Five advantages of a managed service provider

During the last few years, an upward trend has been seen of companies engaging managed IT service providers to work alongside or in place of internal IT teams. With this in mind, we thought we would share with you our top five reasons why this course of action may be beneficial for you and your business.

1) Always on green

As we all know, you don’t just get system errors or cyber-attacks during work hours. It can happen at any time during the day or night, fortunately, a managed service provider can be operational 24/7. This leads to service desks with proactive service monitoring; meaning that they identify and resolve issues before they impact your operation. They also learn your operation thoroughly and therefore deliver a business-aligned view of systems and services.

2) Collaborative Partnership

Good managed service providers do not take the lead but instead work with the client and make sure all their business requirements are fulfilled. How do managed service providers do this? They work in collaboration with your team and suppliers to own issues and drive them to a solution. This will also help you communicate with the provider to discuss any further improvements you would like to make to your business or any changes you think needs to be made.

3) Flexible Delivery against SLAs

Being flexible is important for any managed service provider and is something that clients should take advantage of. You can choose the service levels and delivery model that is right for your business. Managed service providers can operate remotely, onsite or provide hybrid managed support services depending on your requirements.

4) Mitigating Risk

All businesses operate with a level of risk. Government, customers’ views, technology, financial state, ethical pressures and many other factors all change at an immense rate. Managed Service Providers can identify, profile and plan for the risk with you, using their enhanced knowledge of the sector and the risks which impact it.

5) Developing business efficiency

A managed service provider will bring new IT solutions and processes to the company which will be integrated into your operation. This will lead to staff being able to increase their output without overly increasing workload, and without wasting effort on non-operational tasks which can now be handled by the provider.

Whatever level of outsourcing you choose to implement, your provider will work with you to make the transition to it as effortless as possible and if committed to in the long term will bring very real benefits both in cash terms and in business efficiencies.

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