Digital Transformation

Start here to begin growing great relationships with your customers.


Design build and operate your digital transformation and

make it pay for itself with a clear return on investment.

What does your digital transformation journey

look like with Intergence?

We work with your business and IT teams to help you interact with more customers, using our unique blend of technology, agile approach and know-how to ensure you get the most out of your data.


We will help you:

  • Understand how to build a strong business case and deliver a robust ROI model

  • Leverage your existing infrastructure investments to build a cloud first approach

  • Save staff time by using digital best practice to deliver quick digital wins

  • Build an integrated customer digital experience for mobile CRM, web interaction

      and understand how to up-sell more of your services

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Six Steps to skyrocket your digital productivity

Define current state and target state to build a solid ROI
Delivery of the defined project - show the business digital benefits
Outline the business goals and understand your customer’s behaviour
Analyse the results
Build your Strategy and vision in easy to manage steps
Deliver the complete customer experience and enhance revenue

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Intergence’s transformation navigator makes great digital outcomes a certainty

  • Give your digital programme a robust and clear structure

  • Gain an in-depth analysis of your entire business process

  • Deliver process maps and digitise laborious tasks to save time and increase productivity

  • Define a clear ROI to quantify and understand where the real digital wins reside within the business

  • Crystallise your digital roadmap to deliver quick and cost-effective digital outcomes

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Building your digital capability and connecting the technology

  • We will help you use cloud infrastructure to save costs and build quicker digital outcomes

  • Our digital experts work with and alongside your existing teams to help fast track your delivery capability and support you through the whole process

  • Deliver a greater customer experience by using Intergence CRM, Cloud, call centre and app options

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Track your digital progress and measure the customer experience 

By using the Stratiam platform, you can show your board and management team real-time outcomes from your Digital Transformation journey. 


Quantify the improvements which digital transformation is bringing to your organisation and demonstrate the benefits to your customers and to your staff.

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