Cloud Compliance

Move your business online without complicating your regulatory responsibilities, with our Cloud Compliance services.

Compliant and complexity-free

When you move into the Cloud, it’s not only your business technologies you take with you: it’s your clients’ personal and sensitive data. With our Cloud Compliance consulting, your business moves safely into its online-enabled workspace, confident that it complies to all data protection regulations.


Online and in line with the law.

Cloud Migration can be an intricate process, not least with the complications of compliance. At Intergence, we provide full Cloud migration support, from security to legality and beyond. Find out more.

Cloud Adoption and Migration

  • GDPR adherence
    Simplify your GDPR compliance. Whatever you migrate to the Cloud, we ensure its transit and storage solutions adhere to strict international regulations.

  • Data sovereignty
    Assure international clients that their data is secured to the standards of their national and server-side data laws.

  • Security
    Enlist the best in Public and Private Cloud security and protect your connections with a dedicated security operations centre (SOC), keeping everything diligently defended.

  • Legal assurance
    Receive legal advice and assurance before committing to your cloud solution, eliminating doubt in your liability and legality.


Growing and innovating a cloud-based counselling firm  

Pieta House is one of the largest mental health charities in Ireland, operating since 2006 and providing counselling for over 58,000 people suffering from emotional distress. When demand for their services outpaced their technical capabilities, Pieta House reached out to Intergence for assistance.  

 Our case study details how we cooperated with Pieta House’s senior management to develop a Cloud-first, flexible strategy that expanded their services, enabled flexible working and increased its technical capabilities exponentially. 

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Approved and accredited



Confident, cooperative consultancy

We’re experienced with several industries, dedicated to our personal approach and innovators in technical solutions. Whatever regulations your business is beholden to, we’ll ensure you meet them stringently, securely and within recognised standards.

Cooperative consultancy


We view our services as a people-first partnership. Our solutions work to meet your industry needs, cover all your concerns, and provide piece of mind to your people.

Strong partner relations


We’ve cultivated strong, long-lasting relationships with tech partners and providers, and implement all of our solutions with our combined knowledge of compliance and industry-leading technologies.

For all kinds of cloud


However you enter the Cloud, be it completely or partially, our Cloud Compliance solutions ensure every connection is covered – both on-prem and
in the Cloud.

Managed and monitored


Constant managing and monitoring of your Cloud means we work to keep everything consistent – and can react quickly if anything isn’t.

Shaped by Stratiam

Today's insights, tomorrow's innovations

Stratiam is our unique and unrivalled technical solution, and a powerful enterprise enabler. Providing an open window into your operations and applications, Stratiam measures your infrastructure’s health and works quickly to amend any inconsistencies with smart AI and machine learning keeping you fully on top of your Cloud Compliance requirements.

  • Customise
    Set up the Stratiam you want. Customisable templates let you decide how you view your data and manage your compliance responsibilities.

  • Clarify
    Stratiam’s insights are designed to reveal your business from an all-new perspective, giving you an all-seeing eye over your processes and performance.

  • Correlate
    Link data, processes and insights across all your applications and develop holistic infrastructural solutions, designed to keep every solution as consistent as the last.

  • Collaborate
    You see everything we do through Stratiam. Full visibility means both you and Intergence can take collaborative steps towards your Cloud Compliance.

Powered by our people

Transformation is more than technical upkeep: it’s a way of opening possibilities, enabling users and upgrading technologies to bring you closer to the business you want to be, as we have done with so many of our committed and valued clients:

Digital Transformation
with agility at its heart


How Intergence transformed its core processes, provided faster, more efficient services and improved Tendring District Council’s customer experience.

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Cloud Strategy and


How Intergence accelerated a complex company merger with a holistic new infrastructure, low-risk Cloud service migration and all-new SaaS solutions.

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Making waves with agile Digital Transformation


How Intergence helped a long-established transport company overhaul its infrastructure, overcome the competition & perfect the customer journey.

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Enterprises evolve, and so do their technical requirements. For an in-depth breakdown of how our solutions transform your operations, visit our Case Studies page.

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Your partners in complete Cloud Compliance

Work to regulatory standards at all times and leverage solutions that let you monitor your every technology and process. Our Cloud Compliance solutions take you through every step, cover your every concern, and deliver long-lasting compliance solutions.