Business Telephony Solutions

Extend your business reach with our Hosted VoIP and Business Telephony Solutions. With more cost-effective comms and broader calling capabilities, your business voice is louder, clearer and better connected than ever.

For clearer, more collaborative comms

The modern business thrives on its connections – both technical and personal. Our Hosted VoIP and Business Telephony Solutions make both easier, seamlessly combining your telephony with your technology and giving broader calling capabilities to your users and your clients.

Hear and be heard with exceptional calling capabilities.

Hosted VoIP and Business Telephony solutions from Intergence ensure every voice is made clear.

Find Out How

  • Software-enabled
    Dedicated software helps you manage calling costs, control user privileges and react to high call volumes. Your calls are fine-tuned to your needs and configurations.

  • Secured and confidential
    Keep calls confidential. VoIP software means your calls are kept private and secured behind the same level of cyber security as the rest of your infrastructure.

  • Easy analytics
    Know the costs, volumes and duration of your calls with detailed analytics that make your Business Telephony strategy easier to manage.

  • Fully featured
    With call-forwarding, auto-attending, number porting and plenty more, you’ve the calling capabilities to ensure every voice is heard.

  • Mobilised
    Liberate yourself from the landline. Fast number porting lets you and your users mobilise your handsets and be available from anywhere.

  • Vendor compatible
    With support across AWS, Google and Microsoft software, your business telephony solutions are compatible with all major provider software.


Customer service is transformed with bespoke Business Telephony Solutions

Our client, a long-established freight and passenger ferry company, had expanded rapidly over the years, and was now carrying millions of passengers and freight vehicles each year.

Our case study details how we assessed the company’s challenges, opportunities and risks, delivering a business telephony solution that resolved complex licensing agreements, refined their company training procedures and implemented feature-rich calling capabilities. Read the Full Case Study.

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Enter your new era

With Intergence’s Business Telephony Solutions, every call you take or make is built to make business easier, for you and for your client.

  • Expert advice
    You know what good service looks like to your clients, and so do we. We’re experienced in multiple sectors and have a long, prosperous history in delivering business technologies.

  • Data driven
    Between your VoIP software and our revolutionary Stratiam service, you’ve more insight and analytics into your company calling than with any other VoIP solutions.

  • Secure everything
    Security is everything. When communications need to stay confidential, our extensive call security ensures that anything said is for your ears only.

  • Supported for your future
    VoIP software is a staple of the hybrid workplace, now more capable and compatible than ever. When new opportunities arise, we ensure you can implement them effortlessly.

Shaped by Stratiam

Today's insights, tomorrow's innovations

Stratiam is our unique and unrivalled technical solution, and a powerful enterprise enabler. Providing an open window into your operations and applications, Stratiam measures everything from your network health to your KPI predictions, using data-driven insights and AI to truly transform technology.

  • Customise
    Choose from dozens of custom-built interfaces or build bespoke dashboards that let you view the performance and status of your company IT – not just your Business VoIP.

  • Clarify
    Explore data as deeply as you need to. Stratiam brings technologies together for holistic data analytics that separate software can’t deliver alone.

  • Correlate
    Make your solutions work together. Stratiam helps you create smart business processes with machine learning and AI. Turn prospect calls into profitable contracts, smartly and efficiently.

  • Collaborate
    You see everything we do through Stratiam. You’ve got full transparency of your IoT environment, helping you to recognise the benefits and us to deliver business brilliance.

Hear every voice, reach every client

In a constantly-connected workspace, communication is everything. With Intergence’s Hosted VoIP and Business Telephony Services, both you and your clients have the tech you need to start talking better business.