Cloud Transformation

The Cloud is a workplace of limitless potential – and with a strong Cloud Transformation strategy, your business leverages it for unlimited opportunity. Our Cloud Transformation consulting ensures your business takes itself online with an optimised, forward-thinking strategy.

For an endless, open workplace

Don’t just enter the Cloud, embrace it. The Cloud has become an essential, ubiquitous workplace solution. Yet it’s not enough to just migrate to it. By embracing the Cloud’s expansive, unparalleled capabilities, you’re able to achieve almost any business aspiration through Cloud Transformation.

Work without limits.

Leverage limitless technical capacity with an IT partner driven by change. Talk to Intergence today and find your best business with our Cloud Transformation services.

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  • Rethink your workplace
    Start an all-new business direction, overhaul your entire company infrastructure or simply source more powerful ways of working. From the everyday to the exceptional, The Cloud makes change tenable.

  • Drive cost-efficiency
    From software licensing to virtualising powerful new hardware, your cloud investments help you find cost-effective solutions to complex business needs.

  • Build to your business
    With expansive technologies come flexible solutions. The Cloud offers near-endless methods for achieving your business goals, letting you build solutions to your strengths, services and aspirations.

  • Find your future
    Invest in IT that evolves, expands and never ages. The Cloud is safe and self-sufficient, built for extensive services without the obsolescence.


Enabling expansion with a complete cloud strategy

Our client, a global loyalty and benefits company, needed an all-new strategy to match its exponential growth. With 30 companies under its scope and several different structures and processes to manage, they needed a centralised solution with robust data resources.

Our case study details how we assessed the company’s risks, roadblocks and technical bandwidth, delivering a strategy that broke down the barriers to their Cloud adoption.

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Moving into the Cloud eBook

When your business is in the Cloud, there’s fewer hardware investments to be made and more technological solutions to your problems.

Our eBook explores the how and why behind your Cloud migration.


“People don’t want to buy a quarter-inch drill. They want a quarter-inch hole! ”
- Theodore Levitt

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The Intergence approach

We’re in the business of intelligent transformation. That means leveraging the Cloud for extraordinary, expansive new abilities that forever shape your future.

  • A people-first approach 
    We don’t implement anything that doesn’t benefit you and your staff. We base our strategies on time spent learning your business, your people and your aspirations.

  • An eye on opportunity
    We implement your quickest fixes first, providing meaningful momentum and ensuring you feel the benefits of your Cloud Transformation instantly.

  • Structured and secured
    Your Cloud solution is built with your current and future technologies in mind – and that goes for your security, recovery and continuity solutions too.

  • For the future
    Our services are built to last – and we ensure they do by, providing ongoing support, management and maintenance services.

Powered by our people

Whatever we implement, we do it in a way that suits both your clients and your colleagues – much like we’ve done for such valued clients as these…

Digital Transformation
with agility at its heart


How Intergence transformed its core processes, provided faster, more efficient services and improved Tendring District Council’s customer experience.

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Cloud Strategy and


How Intergence accelerated a complex company merger with a holistic new infrastructure, low-risk Cloud service migration and all-new SaaS solutions.

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Making waves with agile Digital Transformation


How Intergence helped a long-established transport company overhaul its infrastructure, overcome the competition & perfect the customer journey.

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Enterprises evolve, and so do their technical requirements. For an in-depth breakdown of how our solutions transform business operations, visit our Case Studies page.

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