Cloud & Infrastructure

The basis of your business brilliance

Integrate a smart, scalable and secure foundation for your future. Our Cloud and Infrastructure solutions lay the groundwork for whatever your future holds and deliver endless opportunities via Azure, Google Cloud and our revolutionary Stratiam platform.

The Cloud: Your infinite infrastructure

With the Cloud, your technology is no longer limited by space or specifications. Take your infrastructure online and enjoy an endless, adaptable approach to technology that makes every opportunity available.

Reinvent your infrastructure. With the Cloud, you’ve infinite space, possibilities and technologies that redefine your business.

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  • See through the clouds
    We make your move to the Cloud as simple and straightforward as possible, upskilling users, evolving processes and providing full service visibility via Stratiam – our powerful data portal.

  • Designate your data
    We consolidate your services, migrate your data and manage your data centres – with planning, strategy and ongoing support that keeps them all maintained.

  • Liberate your users
    Deploy more flexible, liberating ways of working and know your users are secured and enabled with our desktop performance audits.

  • Enable evolution
    Our expertise with Microsoft, Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services mean you can explore your Cloud capabilities with the providers you rely on the most.


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Complete cloud coverage

The Cloud is infinitely capable – which is why we strive to be. Covering all major Cloud providers and delivering everything you need, from planning to implementation, our Cloud Infrastructure services help you reach for the skies.

Cloud Transformation


Evolve your business with the endless applications of the Cloud and revitalise your company’s

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Public Cloud


Enter or enhance your Hybrid Cloud with support for Microsoft, Google and Amazon
Web Services.

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Cloud Adoption and Migration


Seamlessly move your on-prem solutions into the Cloud and provide lasting improvements to your legacy technologies.

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Cloud Compliance


Secure sensitive data, protect service users and adhere to all regulatory compliances with our assistance.

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SaaS Services


Make your workplace applications available from anywhere and elevate your services with extensive Cloud capabilities.

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Enabled by Stratiam

See everything, at all times.

Stratiam is our unique and unrivalled technical solution, and powerful enterprise enabler. By bringing all your business data into a single, holistic environment, Stratiam gives you wide-reaching visibility of your processes, opportunities and outcomes.

Compatible with a wide range of enterprise software, Stratiam turns your every solution into a single, synergised solution for change.



Connect data streams across a wealth of compatible apps and services and visualise data the way you see fit. Customisable templates let you decide what data you capture and how it’s presented.



Connect structured and unstructured data from across your business. Measure performance, volumes, response times and more to resolve issues, refine processes and identify business opportunities.



Stratiam combines recognised and related data pools automatically, applying AI and machine learning to your security, threat detection and data protection solutions.



Both Intergence and its clients have equal access to Stratiam – meaning both have the insight, intelligence and analytics to collaborate on new opportunities.

Be infinitely enabled

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