Managed Network Services

Provide high-speed, dedicated networking across your business. Our Local and Wide Area Network solutions deliver scalable, cost-effective connective solutions.

Better connected – inside and out

Whether streamlining internal solutions or taking your business network worldwide, our Local and Wide Area Networking delivers with reliability and performance guaranteed.

Enter the modern workplace

Our Managed Network Services optimise your business for speed and reliability; and with rapid scalability built-in, you’re never short of support when you need that extra added efficiency.

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  • Cooperative consultancy
    Our network services form the bloodline of your business, so it makes sense that we learn yours inside and out. We work closely and collaboratively with you people, on-premise and online.

  • Simplicity assured
    Simplification is more important than specs. We implement only the most beneficial, bespoke Managed Network Services, designed for ease, elegance and efficiency and to give you complete confidence. 

  • Strong partner relations 
    We’ve cultivated strong, long-lasting relationships with leading Networking partners. Your solutions are sourced by the best technical partners and installed, by us, to their high service standards.

  • SLA
    Our LAN and WAN services are held to minimal Service Level Agreements. We ensure your uptime, support and services resolutions are consistently reliable.

Navigating a challenging retail period with exceptional WAN services.

Our client, a major UK retailer with several hundred branches nationwide, found their technology struggling under the weight of the Black Friday and Christmas shopping periods. With their solutions frequently locking up and slowing down transactions, it was the worst possible timing for the business, its systems and its customers.     

 Our case study details how we cooperated with the company’s senior management to develop dramatic improvements in their Point-of-Sale performance, increase revenue through reliable retail solutions, and provide greater visibility of their IT estate. 

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Approved and accredited



For speed, security and smoother operations

Resilient, reliable and robust, our Managed Network Services solve legacy issues and expand your future potential. Partnering with the industry’s leading network infrastructure managers and supporting connections with our award-winning Stratiam technologies, you’ve nothing but the most dependable network connections serving your business.

  • Connected and consolidated
    Take advantage of a custom-developed network infrastructure and bring your business processes together for streamlined service delivery. 

  • Secure
    Your network traffic is protected behind industry-leading firewalls and security solutions. At rest or in transit, your networked data belongs to your business, always. 

  • Guaranteed availability
    We’re dedicated to delivering the most reliable Managed Network Services available – and if you encounter any issues, we respond within 15 minutes to get them fixed.

  • Superbly scalable
    Designed with scalability in mind, your Managed Network Services are built to respond rapidly to your business’ budget and needs. You’re never delayed by any infrastructural overhauls.

  • 24x7 service support
    The working day might end, but your Managed Network Services need constant managing and monitoring. Our 24x7 service support ensures yours are always online and optimised.

  • Predictable operating costs
    Your Managed Network Services are paid for on an agreed monthly rate. You pay only for the service volumes you use, and with our scalable solutions your pricing stays proportionate. 


Network First for Digital Transformation   

Wedding an Agile Network to your Digital Transformation 

When orchestrating your business transformation, you want a network that’s capable, flexible and optimised to deliver your new digital capabilities. Let our free eBook, Network First for Digital Transformation, show you how it’s done.


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Shaped by Stratiam

Today's insights, tomorrow's innovations

Stratiam is our unique and unrivalled technical solution, and a powerful enterprise enabler. Providing an open window into your operations and applications, Stratiam measures everything from your network health to your KPI predictions, using data-driven insights and AI to truly transform technology.

  • Customise
    Shape Stratiam to your needs with one of dozens of handmade templates or create your own giving instant access to the feeds, results and analytics you need most

  • Clarify
    See your business from a whole new perspective. Stratiam delivers deep and diligent insights into your technical setup that other solutions alone can’t provide.

  • Correlate
    Link data, processes and insights from all across your business, and better identify your issues, opportunities and areas of success.

  • Collaborate
    You see everything we do through Stratiam. Full visibility means both you and Intergence can take collaborative steps towards your Cloud perfection. 

Your partners in Managed Network Services 

Simplify your business data, keep it protected and share it quickly and securely with our Manged Network Services. Talk to us today for your LAN and WAN solutions.