IT Security Solutions

Defend your data, your people and your business success with our IT Security Solutions. At Intergence, we combine human intelligence with technical defences to create an all-encompassing, perfectly protected business infrastructure.

Protecting your future

Every day, your business creates, shares and stores valuable data, be it on-premises or in the Cloud. Yet wherever your business resides, it falls under the eyes of opportunist criminals - making effective IT Security Solutions essential for your future. With our consultative experience and cyber security expertise, your business is diligently defended and set for success.

Defence for every incident

Whether protecting your people from incoming intrusions or recovering your losses after a data disaster, there’s little we can’t keep you protected against.

Our Cyber Threat Assessment service is the first step to identifying your protective strengths and weaknesses. You can find out more about the service in the download below.

Explore our Cyber Threat Assessment

  • Consultative expertise
    Strengthening security means recognising your weaknesses. Our cyber security services and consulting provide broad and in-depth analysis of your cyber security to help eliminate your protective gaps.

  • Dedicated support
    We implement your IT Security Solutions then fortify them with ongoing support and performance monitoring. With our optional Security Operations Centre, you’ve got a full team of technical surveyors protecting your network.

  • Cloud compatibility
    Whether working across Public, Private or Hybrid Cloud solutions, our IT Security Solutions cover everything consistently. Wherever your data or processes reside, they’re treated with equal importance and protection.

  • Cost-efficiency
    Save on the costs of sourcing and maintaining IT security. Consolidate your protective technologies into a single, dedicated cyber security solution helmed by cyber specialist operators.

  • Scalability  
    Change can be complex – but security shouldn’t be. Whether growing out or scaling back your business operations, our IT Security Solutions are flexible enough to offer proportionate protection.

  • Compliance
    Meet your regulatory responsibilities. Match Cyber Essentials Plus criteria, conform to GDPR and be held to the standards of ISO 27001 and 9001 accredited security specialists.

Working with a global company to secure and consolidate their data centres

Our client is the largest provider of financial markets data and infrastructure. Now a $6billion business, their data, insights and technologies connect the global financial market on an unparalleled scale.

Our Case Study details how we consolidated the company’s international data centres, deployed a diligently defended new structure and provided scalable cyber security solutions that kept the company as proficient as it was well-protected.

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Approved and accredited



Be confident, compliant and covered against threats

We’re experienced in IT Security Solutions, cyber security consultancy and the unique demands of your business sector. We base our protections on the needs of your industry – not the specs of our technical solutions.

Our IT Security Solutions protect your data and IT infrastructure from cyber threats, security breaches and other unseen incidents, all day, every day.

  • Cooperative consultancy
    We work on a cooperative, ground-level basis: that means working with you, your people and your technologies hands-on walking a mile in your shoes.

  • Personalised security
    Our Security Operations Centre (SOC) provides an optional, extensive solution to your security with a dedicated, round the clock team managing your protections.

  • Provider relations
    With security assured across your AWS, Microsoft and Google services, you’re not tied into any specific provider – but you are protected behind IT Security Solutions from our industry-leading partners.

  • Training and accrediting
    We empower you and your users to spot ground-level threats in action, with Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation and ongoing cyber security training to keep users ahead of the curve.


Powered by our people

Transformation is more than technical upkeep: it’s a way of opening possibilities, enabling users and upgrading technologies to bring you closer to the business you want to be, as we have done with so many of our committed and valued clients:

Digital Transformation
with agility at its heart


How Intergence transformed its core processes, provided faster, more efficient services and improved Tendring District Council’s customer experience.

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Cloud Strategy and


How Intergence accelerated a complex company merger with a holistic new infrastructure, low-risk Cloud service migration and all-new SaaS solutions.

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Making waves with agile Digital Transformation


How Intergence helped a long-established transport company overhaul its infrastructure, overcome the competition & perfect the customer journey.

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Enterprises evolve, and so do their technical requirements. For an in-depth breakdown of how our solutions transform business operations, visit our case studies page.

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Specialist security services and surveillance

Protect your on-site technology, your in-cloud data and your every last employee. Our combination of forward-thinking technologies and hands-on cyber security expertise makes your business protected, reactive and ready for anything.

Book a Cyber Threat Assessment with Intergence today and start perfecting your protective solutions.