Internet of Things (IoT) Consulting

Stand out in an infinitely growing online space and create a cohesive, collaborative online workplace. Leverage the best in software and hardware and deliver solutions that perfect your client relationships. With our IoT Consulting, you’re better connected to everything that matters.

Coherent Solutions to Complex Technologies

The Internet of Things is broad, baffling and bewildering to businesses. It’s also an astounding opportunity.

In the IoT, your devices, data, people and apps share a vast volume of data keeping them cooperative and connected. IoT Consulting brings people and processes together, ensuring every drop of data fuels your technical solution for faster, fuller service.

And at Intergence, we’re dedicated to making it easy.

Discover a limitless technical workspace with IoT Consulting from Intergence.

Find Out How

  • Streamline solutions
    With everything centralised, your technologies share a single point of control. By sharing resources across your technologies, you find more uses for your data and extend the shelf life of all your solutions.

  • Begin a technical transformation
    The Internet of Things creates exponential changes; changes you and your clients benefit from daily. For the evolving business, the move to IoT could be the beginning of an evolutionary new era.

  • Discover new business opportunities
    Extend your reach, take new technical discoveries further and let clients connect to your business on a grander scale than ever. IoT Consulting makes your services bigger, better, and more broadly available.

  • Unlimited capacity
    Leverage virtual technologies, such as Microsoft Azure, and make your every asset available. With the IoT, your users connect to their workplace any time, from anywhere.


Enabling expansion with a complete cloud strategy

Our client, a global loyalty and benefits company, needed an all-new strategy to match its exponential growth. With 30 companies under its scope and several different structures and processes to manage, they needed a centralised solution with robust data resources.

Our case study details how we assessed the company’s risks, roadblocks and technical bandwidth, delivering a strategy that broke down the barriers to their Cloud adoption.

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Digital Transformation Guiding Principles eBook

Don’t fear those first steps into Digital Transformation. Our eBook prepares you for yours with Cloud, networking and IoT strategies that let you put your best foot forward.

“Distance is nothing; it is only the first step that is difficult”
- Madame Marie du Deffand

Enter Your New Era

With Intergence’s IoT Consulting, you’re confident that you’ve made the right choice for your staff, your business and your valuable clients.

  • Expert advice
    Intergence was born from a collective passion for data and internet intelligence. The IoT isn’t just our specialty; it’s a future we’ve worked for since we first started trading.

  • Data driven
    No other IT provider has our definitive Stratiam software. Consolidate data, develop processes and track every connected solution from a powerful, IoT-centric solution.

  • Secure everything
    We know the importance of corporate security – and the unique demands of your business sector. That’s why we don’t implement anything without strict adherence to your security and sanctions.

  • Supported for your future
    We work only to your pace and processes, making your journey safe & gradual. Once your IoT migration is complete, we keep it supported with ongoing maintenance and management.

Powered by our people

Whatever we implement, we do it in a way that suits both your clients and your colleagues – much like we’ve done for such valued clients as these…

Digital Transformation
with agility at its heart


How Intergence transformed its core processes, provided faster, more efficient services and improved Tendring District Council’s customer experience.

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Cloud Strategy and


How Intergence accelerated a complex company merger with a holistic new infrastructure, low-risk Cloud service migration and all-new SaaS solutions.

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Making waves with agile Digital Transformation


How Intergence helped a long-established transport company overhaul its infrastructure, overcome the competition & perfect the customer journey.

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Enterprises evolve, and so do their technical requirements. For an in-depth breakdown of how our solutions transform business operations, visit our Case Studies page.

Visit our Case Studies Page

Enter Your Online-Enabled Future

Enter the world’s biggest workspace and enable exponential growth. Talk to us today about your IoT Consulting needs.