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Discover fast, flexible Managed Cloud Services that provide unbeatable performance and take your business to its next major milestone.

Be scalable. Be secure. Be supported.

Whether brand new to Cloud-enabled working or looking to expand your online-enabled workspace, our Managed Cloud Services are the perfect companion to those sky-high business aspirations.

Enter the modern workplace

With our Managed Cloud Services, you have a capable, complexity-free approach to the modern workplace, overseen by experienced IT experts. Talk to us today and let’s explore your business transformation.

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  • Remote enabled
    Take your mobile workforce further. With support for Teams, VoIP comms and virtual desktops, you have everything you need at the end of any WiFi connection.

  • Future-proofed
    No hardware and no app installations mean no need for costly upgrades. Your Managed Cloud Services are ongoing, always updated and see you supported for all futures foreseeable.

  • Progressive
    Incorporate virtual, Cloud-based technologies and introduce your business to all new capabilities. Your technical capacity is broader and more cost-effective than ever.

  • Superbly scalable
    Adjust your Managed Cloud Services as you see fit, with solutions built to your budget and requirements. Pay only for the solutions you use, as and when you need them most.

  • Secure
    Your Cloud data is protected behind the most secure servers, each managed and maintained by industry-leading providers. Your assets are in safe, secure hands.

  • Cost-effective
    Eliminate the need for hardware upgrades, software purchases, on-site storage or iterative updates. The Cloud is the cost-effective answer to rapidly evolving technologies.


Growing and innovating a Cloud-based counselling firm  

Pieta House is one of the largest mental health charities in Ireland, operating since 2006 and providing counselling for over 58,000 people suffering from emotional distress. When demand for their services outpaced their technical capabilities, Pieta House reached out to Intergence for assistance.  

 Our case study details how we cooperated with Pieta House’s senior management to develop a Cloud-first, flexible strategy that expanded their services, enabled flexible working and increased its technical capabilities exponentially.

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Your specialists in successful Cloud adoption

Don’t let stability or security concerns come between you and your business’s future. At Intergence, we ensure your Managed Cloud Services are protected, optimised and forward-thinking.

Cooperative consultancy


We view our services as a people-first partnership, with your Cloud built for your business alone. Resolve issues, create opportunities & pave the way for future success with our Managed Cloud Services.

Transitional assistance


We’re here for every step of your Managed Cloud journey. Be it designating resources across a Hybrid environment or moving to a totally Private server, we aid your transition fast and effectively.

Strong partner relations


We’ve cultivated strong, long-lasting relationships with leading Cloud partners. Whatever you want from your Managed Cloud, whoever your chosen provider, we ensure it’s expertly implemented.

Managed and monitored


We’re constantly updating, improving and monitoring your Managed Cloud Services. You’re safely secured, enabled with the latest technologies and optimised at all times for ultimate business proficiency.


Moving into the Cloud eBook

When your business is in the Cloud, there’s fewer hardware investments to be made and more technological solutions to your problems.

Our eBook explores the how and why behind your Cloud migration.

“People don’t want to buy a quarter-inch drill. They want a quarter-inch hole! ”
- Theodore Levitt
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Shaped by Stratiam

Today's insights, tomorrow's innovations

Stratiam is our unique and unrivalled technical solution, and a powerful enterprise enabler. Providing an open window into your operations and applications, Stratiam measures everything from your network health to your KPI predictions, using data-driven insights and AI to truly transform technology. 

  • Customise
    Set up the Stratiam you want. Customisable templates let you set up your processes and analytics, and work towards the business results that matter to you.

  • Clarify
    See your business from a whole new perspective. Stratiam brings your Cloud solutions together for faster, simpler data visibility.

  • Correlate
    Link data, processes and insights across your business – be it on house or in the Cloud. With Stratiam, everything works holistically – wherever it resides.

  • Collaborate
    You see everything we do through Stratiam. Full visibility means both you and Intergence can take collaborative steps towards your Cloud perfection.

Your partners in Cloud perfection

Recognise your business potential and realise your ultimate Cloud strategy. With our Managed Cloud Services, you’re serviced and supported to perfection.