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Few options are as wide or as capable as Amazon Web Services (AWS), the industry-leading cloud service provider with unmatched technical capabilities. With Intergence’s Amazon Web Services Solutions, your AWS environment is optimised for business excellence.

Exponential growth and business potential

For the cloud-ready business, Amazon Web Services is the most feature-rich public platform available. At Intergence, our Amazon Web Services Solutions help you make the most of its endlessly flexible tech.


The unparalleled online infrastructure.

Amazon Web Services is the biggest Cloud service available – and with Intergence handling the scaling and setup, it’s quite possibly the best.

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  • A comprehensive cloud
    Brimming with scalable solutions, AWS lets you build an entire business infrastructure based solely around your technical demands, with auto-scaling helping you grow and expand as needed.

  • Security assured
    With stock markets, healthcare providers and government authorities relying on Amazon Web Services solutions, you’re confident your data is protected by a cyber secure solution.

  • Cost-effective
    It doesn’t take a market-leading business to leverage AWS. From start-ups to multi-national enterprises, AWS is scalable enough to be affordable, flexible and financially efficient.

  • Industry innovators
    Leave it to the industry leaders to shape the future of the cloud. With AWS regularly developing all-new cloud technologies, you’re first to experience innovative new solutions.


Growing and innovating a cloud-based counselling firm

Pieta House is one of the largest mental health charities in Ireland, operating since 2006 and providing counselling for over 58,000 people suffering from emotional distress. When demand for their services outpaced their technical capabilities, Pieta House reached out to Intergence for assistance.

Our case study details how we cooperated with Pieta House’s senior management to develop a Cloud-first, flexible strategy that expanded their services, enabled flexible working and increased its technical capabilities exponentially.  

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Moving into the Cloud eBook

When your business is in the Cloud, there’s fewer hardware investments to be made and more technological solutions to your problems. Our eBook explores the how and why behind your Cloud migration.

“People don’t want to buy a quarter-inch drill. They want a quarter-inch hole! ”
- Theodore Levitt

Amazon Web Services Solutions with Intergence

Cloud computing doesn’t have to be complex – not with support from Intergence’s technical and consultative experts.

  • Moving and migrating
    Move servers, databases and application data from any on-prem solution or Microsoft Azure into your new Amazon Web Services solution.

  • Specialist support
    With Intergence, you’re supported throughout the duration of your AWS lifespan. That’s everything from setup to migration, with ongoing support for any and all AWS services in the future.

  • Consultative credentials
    Amazon Web Services is the largest library of cloud technologies available, but with our years of industry experience, we’ll source, implement and optimise only the best solutions for your business.

  • Future-proofed solutions
    We prepare you for the future with forward-thinking Amazon Web Services solutions – and when new industry innovations arrive, we’re there to help you learn and leverage them.

Powered by our people

Whatever we implement, we do it in a way that suits both your clients and your colleagues – much like we’ve done for such valued clients as these…

Digital Transformation
with agility at its heart


How Intergence transformed its core processes, provided faster, more efficient services and improved Tendring District Council’s customer experience.

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Cloud Strategy and


How Intergence accelerated a complex company merger with a holistic new infrastructure, low-risk Cloud service migration and all-new SaaS solutions.

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Making waves with agile Digital Transformation


How Intergence helped a long-established transport company overhaul its infrastructure, overcome the competition & perfect the customer journey.

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Enterprises evolve, and so do their technical requirements. For an in-depth breakdown of how our solutions transform business operations, visit our Case Studies page.

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Unique, unmatched Amazon Web Services solutions

Enter the industry-leading cloud provider with a team of technical specialists by your side. With Intergence’s Amazon Web Services solutions, you don’t only have the cloud’s largest technical toolbox – you’ve the people that know how best to use it.