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Technical transformation from a people-first IT provider

Combining entrepreneurial thinking with industry experience, Intergence understands your people and their processes. Consulting with users all across your business, from frontline workers to managing directors, we put you, and your people, at the forefront with our specialist support.

Our specialist support

Combining experts from the Fintech, Retail and Telecoms industries, our consultancy team has never lost sight of the people making business possible. With multi-site support and experience across numerous industries, we’re prepared for every business’ need – from SME to global level infrastructure.


IT Departments

Whether through our ongoing managed services or ad-hoc specialist support, we’ll help fill in the gaps in your IT teams and technologies.

  • Receive expansive infrastructural support, delivered via on-prem and in-Cloud technologies, or on-site specialist support.

  • Virtualise powerful new hardware, via extensive Cloud platforms such as Google Cloud Services, AWS or Microsoft Azure

  • Leverage extensive Managed Services that provide ongoing, automated support across your entire IT estate.



Managers and Directors

Secure your company future, ensure return on investment and know your technical solutions are working towards our success.

  • Receive invaluable insights into your business success with our revolutionary Stratiam solution

  • Make informed, impartial decisions based on our expert consultancy experience

  • Implement future-proofed technologies designed for longevity and flexibility.

Sales Teams

Make the sales process personal, prompt and more profitable. We incentivise sales by helping you personalise the customer journey, identifying sales potential with in-depth analytics.

  • Understand prospects, with solutions that help you customise transactions, streamline sales and leverage data for more effective customer insights 

  • Personalise services, with technologies that make customers feel welcome and your services more relevant

  • Provable service delivery, letting you demonstrate business value and results.




Ensure your technologies and processes are safe, secure and beholden to all regulatory standards.

  • Secure all connections behind means-tested, industry-leading security

  • Comply with GDPR, Data Protection and other unique regulations exclusive to your profession or industry

  • Reach accreditation for such government approved standards as Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus

With Intergence, you’re planned and prepared for the future, with solutions that drive results, adapt to an ever-changing workplace, and deliver solutions as consistent as they are durable.

For the journey, the destination and beyond, get in touch with our team today.

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Enabled by Stratiam

Helping people prosper

Stratiam is our unique and unrivalled technical solution that enables its users to make better, more informed decisions. With extensive data visibility, and faster processes made possible by our advanced machine learning, Stratiam helps users navigate their data, challenges and responsibilities with unparalleled insight.



Connect data streams and visualise data for measurable, meaningful conclusions. Several pre-packaged templates provide the insights you need - or you can create your own based on your business goals.



Measure performance, volumes, costs, KPIs and more. Stratiam recognises patterns and preferences, automating all-new, AI-driven solutions that turn analytics into actions.



Stratiam is compatible with several popular business apps to make data collation easy, automation more streamlined, and your applications more holistic than ever before.



Both Intergence and its clients have equal access to Stratiam – meaning both have the insight, intelligence and analytics to collaborate on new opportunities.

Powered by our people

"Intergence Managed Security Services gives us instant, round-the-clock security management and a holistic view of our network. Because we know that any Cyber alerting will be managed by the Intergence SOC, we can put much more of our time into mitigation, remediation and user education".

Sam Wright, Cyber Security & Systems Manager, Tendering District Council

“I would like to thank Intergence for the smooth transistion of our desktop service support. The migration has been a great success. CyrusOne greatly appreciates your efforts and the efforts of the whole service support team who were involved in the seamless transition and excellent ongoing support to our business. Please pass on our thanks to the team”.

Phil Edge, European Operations Director, CyrusOne

“Intergence provided the highest caliber of network infrastructure engineering enabling Thompson Reuters to design, build, deploy and operate a private global high-speed MPLS network capable of delivering sub-second market data to hundreds of global financial services customers".

Trevor Myles, Global Head of Enterprise Network Technologies, Thomson Reuters

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