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Speed up your digital transformation

Stratiam provides complete visibility of your entire IT estate all in one place. Manage all of your cloud-based assets and see how they are performing to reduce operational costs.

Move DataOps to BizOps - See how you can gain performance metrics from all aspects of the business to optimise customer experience and grow revenues.

Manage all your service desk requirements through one portal. 

Merge your business and IT analytics into one place

Stratiam is a powerful correlation framework that consolidates all of your existing analytics tools into one place and gives you powerful insight into your business performance and the experience of your customers.

Get real-time notifications of business impacting events
Gain business insights into your IT performance
Simplify all your analytics and put them in one place
Empower all of your teams to work collaboratively and more effectively
Dramatically increase the success of your digital transformation
Make your organisation run faster and more responsive to business change

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Stratiam provides complete visibility of your entire IT estate all in one place. Stratiam doesn’t just give you a technical view, it correlates data from different sources to provide a “helicopter view” of all the key information important to you.

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Information at your fingertips

  • Stratiam provides real-time key information for executives to make informed decisions quickly 

  • Provides instant access to accurate data

  • Shows historical data giving you a full view of any emerging trends 

  • In-depth business analysis of key IT infrastructure metrics 

  • Proactively manage key systems to understand trends in different business services and focus attention on growing new revenue streams 

Powerful insights for digital business users

Take detailed IT analytics from multiple sources and turn into meaningful business information that directly impacts the bottom line

See how your website, mobile apps, applications and IT infrastructure are interacting with each other to deliver optimal business performance​

Track digital transformation programs from start to finish to deliver real return on investment (ROI) and see how business performance is improving

Simple data reporting lines to ensure that your key business operations are getting the information they need to collaborate, problem solve more quickly and respond to customer demand

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