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A list of all our upcoming and past events that happened in-person or virtually

Upcoming Events

30 Jul
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Ransomware Readiness - Protecting Academic Data

Join Intergence and Sophos for a crucial discussion on defending universities from ransomware threats.

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Breakfast Event

Previous Events

Here at Intergence, we are committed to building communities that provides solutions and challenging views around technology, cyber security or digital transformation.

Our previous events, is a testament to our dedication to bring together the best industry experts, thought leaders, and innovators in the IT space and provide a platform for them
to share the best tips, stories and strategies to tackle these in your organisation.

Below is just a handful of our previous virtual events - that you can get access to and catch upon.

14 Aug
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How To Reduce Costs, Increase Efficiency And Expand Market Opportunities By Digitising Your Freight

Experts discuss how adopting digital solutions can lead to cost reductions, improved efficiency, and expanded market opportunities.

10 Sep
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5 Key Secrets To Empower And Retain Your Workforce Using The Latest Digital Tools And Insight

Learn how to create a supportive work environment and implement effective retention practices.

09 Feb
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Delivering Customer Focused Digital Services

Experts discuss strategies for enhancing customer experience through digital transformation, emphasizing the importance of customer-centric ...