Innovative Cyber Security

Embark on a revolutionary journey with us as we redefine Cyber-Safety to fortify your business against digital threats.

Join forces with our expert team to not only decrease the risk but also minimise the fallout of a potential cyber breach. Let's together make your business an impenetrable fortress in the digital realm. Cyber-Safety isn't just a service; it's a partnership for unparalleled protection.

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Cutting-edge solutions tailored to safeguard your organisation

Microsoft 365 Security Services

Unlock the full potential of Microsoft 365 security with our cutting-edge solutions tailored to safeguard your organisation and its invaluable data. Dive into the dynamic realm of our Stratiam security powerhouse of evolving observability that puts control back in the hands of your organisation, prioritising manageability over infrastructure.

Let Intergence be your strategic partner, ensuring your Microsoft 365 is configured and optimised to its peak performance. 
Elevate your security with a partnership that goes beyond conventional measures.

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Microsoft Defender

Step into the dynamic world of Microsoft Defender – your fortress against evolving threats in the vast landscape of your Microsoft 365 environment. Picture it as your ultimate guardian, tirelessly identifying and thwarting threats that dare to breach the initial gateway.

Microsoft Defender stands as the stalwart protector of your digital estate, ever-vigilant against emerging threats. Whether you're evaluating your current setup or seeking assistance in crafting a robust defence strategy, Intergence is your partner in ensuring your guardians operate at peak efficiency. Let's fortify your defences and create security that evolves with the ever-changing digital landscape. Your peace of mind is our priority.

Defender for Endpoint

Uncover, analyse, and counter endpoint threats.

Defender for Office 365

Spot, probe and neutralise threats in your data - Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint.

Defender for Identity (IAM)

Detect, investigate, and counter threats in Active Directory.

Defender for Cloud

Detect, assess, investigate, and counter threats across Azure, AWS, GCP, and on-prem.

Microsoft Sentinel

Experience the power of Microsoft Sentinel – it's not your average Security Information and Event Management [SIEM]. Unleash its capabilities to meticulously gather and analyse data throughout your entire domain. Discover hidden risks and threats that might elude conventional detection but come to light when connecting the dots between various alerts.

Microsoft Sentinel goes beyond the ordinary, revealing insights that safeguard your digital enterprise. Elevate your security game with a solution that sees beyond the surface.



Managed Detection, Response and Remediation

Elevate your cybersecurity with 24/7 ransomware and breach prevention services delivered straight to you.
Why bear the burden of managing it all alone when you don't have to?

Liberate your IT and security teams to concentrate on propelling your business forward, while enjoying top-tier security outcomes delivered as a seamless service.

Slash the risks and costs tied to security incidents and data breaches, maximizing the returns on your current security tools and technology.
Plus, supercharge your eligibility for cyber insurance coverage.

Why settle for less when you can safeguard your business with unparalleled cybersecurity support?


Your every opportunity explored

Our security experts detect & neutralise threats
faster than anyone else

Instant Security Operations 
Centre (SOC)

Expert-led threat hunting

Managed Detection, Response and Remediation

Customise the level of service to
your specific needs

Full-scale incident response capabilities


Keep your existing cybersecurity


SOC Services

Don't let isolated security incidents spiral into full-blown organizational crises.

At the heart of Intergence's SOC program lies a commitment to swift detection and response, aiming to slash the "mean time to resolve".

Unlike conventional security platforms that merely generate alerts, our SOC injects a human touch into the "analyse and decide" process, delivering tangible value.

This human experience factor not only enhances investment value but also reduces exposure for businesses.

Our 24/7/365 security event monitoring and analysis from our cutting-edge Security Operations Centre (SOC) in the UK and US.
We provide unparalleled visibility, offering a keen eye on our clients' environments.

Uncover and combat cyber-attacks, correlating events across multiple sources to pinpoint indicators of attack along the cyber kill-chain.

Elevate your security posture with Intergence – where detection, analysis, and response redefine the security landscape.


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