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Digital Infrastructure

Intergence provide digitally-leading Managed IT Service solutions that fit flexibly around your business

We help you truly deliver more >4< less

Use our digital technology and expertise to deliver a 

really cost-efficient managed digital IT service experience.

Whether you’re looking to fully outsource, or have our team work alongside your existing capability, here at Intergence we will ensure the integration into your IT operations is seamless.

Intergence Managed Services delivers:

  • An Agile approach to managed infrastructure services

  • Transparent IT service performance information through our service app Stratiam

  • Consistent service availability through our agile service management practice

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Looking for a bespoke service?

Why not have a look at our service catalogue where you can pick and mix the services you require

Agile Service

Management Practice

We use the Agile mindset to manage our clients' IT services and have blended the Agile philosophy with the ITIL framework enabling us to provide the best servicing experience to our customers.

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Why customers are choosing Intergence Managed Services

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Deep insightful analytics

Stratiam enables the business to define a strategy that tracks ROI at each stage of the digital transformation journey, using business metrics for Key Performance and success whilst bringing together both business and IT teams

Always on green

24/7 365 service desk with proactive service monitoring means we identify and resolve issues before they impact your business and deliver a business aligned view of systems and services

Collaborative Partnership

We are the integrated IT service extension of your business. We work in collaboration with your team and suppliers to own issues and drive them to a solution.

Full stacked support expertise

Our Stratiam ITSM and OSS tooling capability, coupled with our support expertise and unique dashboards provide full stack support for all technologies and environments – application, databases, infrastructure and cloud management

Flexible Delivery SLA

Choose the service level agreement and delivery model that is right for your business. We can operate remotely, onsite or provide hybrid managed support services

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