Managed Cyber Security: No Longer an Afterthought

Managed cyber security

The working world has undergone a dramatic transformation in recent years as businesses have increasingly adopted digital technologies. Whilst this has undoubtably provided many advantages, there are certain looming threats that have arisen as well – and cybercrime is perhaps the most salient and dangerous of them all.

Cybercrime has surged in parallel with businesses embarking on digital transformation journeys; lurking in the shadows and waiting to strike, it has successfully attacked more than 80% of UK organisations in 2021/2022. In the modern digital age, the survival of any company now hinges on its cyber security posture. For your business to succeed, a cyber security solution is no longer an option, but a necessity.

With managed cyber security services, not only will your sensitive data remain safe, but you can facilitate your business’ growth in the knowledge that you are protected. With increased flexibility and scalability, partnering with a trusted cyber security manager, such as Intergence, will enhance your business’ productivity and boost your profitability.


Security Risks Brought About by Digital Transformation

Remote Workforce

Businesses are far more vulnerable to cyberattacks and data breaches now that many workforces are remote. Without the security defences that office systems enable, and with the increased reliance on technology, businesses operating remotely are a prime target for cyber criminals who often find themselves with easy access to companies’ files and data.

To protect your remote workforce, you need a Security Operations Centre (SOC). At Intergence, our SOC as a Service provides an extensive solution to fortify your business with round the clock, ongoing support and performance monitoring. With all eyes on your business security, you’ll receive personal, dedicated support from a full team of technical surveyors to safeguard your network and manage your protections. With lightning-fast incident responses and next-generation technologies, we have your security covered so you can concentrate on your business growth.

Human Error

Considering 82% of cyberbreaches involve human error, it is crucial businesses ensure training and accreditation for their employees to avoid this easily self-inflicted risk.

At Intergence, we’ll provide specialist training for you and your employees to stay ahead of the curve and become Cyber Essentials Plus accredited, empowering you to spot ground-level threats in action and fortify your defences. We’ll also ensure your business meets its regulatory responsibilities and conforms to GDPR’s guidelines. Without this support, your business can face damaging reputational and financial consequences.

Company-Wide Breach

Maintaining data security in remote work involves taking preventive measures by both individual employees and the business. If left unmanaged, the impact of a company-wide breach could be insurmountable.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is simple to implement, highly effective and improves the security of your entire deployment by adding additional layers of next-level, remote protection. Additionally, Mobile Device Management (MDM) reduces your business’ overall risk via a unified view of your device estate and the ability to assign privilege-specific controls within your business. With data segregation, securing emails and documents on endpoints and implementing corporate policies, your company data will be protected, and your employees will be able to access data from any device with the knowledge they meet the business’ security requirements. With cyber security consultancy from Intergence, we’ll work with you to implement MFA and MDM to maximise your defences.

Additionally, at Intergence, we go one step further and offer Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS) as well. PTaaS is a comprehensive security evaluation that analyses your security controls to strengthen your cybersecurity posture. We’ll detect any security exploits and take the relevant, proactive steps towards remediating them; increasing the chance of finding any vulnerabilities before an attacker does and protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your data. 


Intergence: Embarking on a Digital Transformation Journey 

Embarking on a digital transformation for your business will open endless possibilities and bring you one step closer to being the business you want to be. Yet, the ever-growing cybersecurity threat is of absolute importance, and you need a trusted partner to stand by your side and provide the tools to keep your company safe. At Intergence, we can provide you with those tools.

Partnering with Intergence means you’ll receive support from the finest industry experts and innovators, allowing you to grow with confidence and success. Our forward-thinking technologies and hands-on cyber security expertise will fortify your business and guarantee you’re protected, reactive and ready for anything.

To find out more, download our eBook which provides you with the techniques needed for a successful digital transformation journey and Intergence’s 7 Steps for Success. 


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