Why Intergence?

Your business lives by its strategy, its results, and its ability to adapt. At Intergence, we’re your partners in its full evolutionary journey, providing consulting, managed IT and infrastructural expertise from industry veterans committed to technical transformation.

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The Intergence Way

  • Focus on outcomes

    We only deploy the technologies and strategies that provide proven results - making your success our success.

  • Walk in the customer's shoes

    We believe the real insights occur on the field – not from behind a desk.

  • Think Strategically

    We deliver solutions that streamline, simplify and set you on course to achieve your goals.

  • Start with the quick wins

    We implement your fastest fixes first, helping you begin your transformation with your best foot forward.

  • Be agile

    We take a pragmatic approach to teamwork, collaboration and communication, and work with you to achieve all three.

  • Manage change

    Technology is an enabler – and evolves at an exponential rate. That’s why we anticipate and encourage change across your business.

  • Make it stick

    We believe change should provide long-term benefits. We enable change, make it stick, and never leave your side during.

Watch here: Konrad Thomasson, our digital transformation manager, explains the thinking behind the Intergence Way – and how it has secured the success of Intergence and its clients.

Dedicated to your digital growth

It’s one thing to promote business growth - it’s quite another to have lived it.

Since 2003, we’ve pursued numerious technical ventures to deliver a wide portfolio of IT innovations…

Our journey

Beginning in 2003 as an IT consultancy firm, we’ve since gone from strength to strength, adding remote branch management solutions, Cloud-based infrastructure and now, Managed IT services to our product portfolio.

  • established-icon

    Established – Incorporated in 2003 by a team of vibrant IT experts, Intergence began as an IT consultancy bringing network, datacentre and application development prowess to forward-thinking businesses.

  • aerolane-icon

    Five years later, we established a presence in the United Arab Emirates. Within a year, we’d developed the award-winning Hyper-forma solution: a remote branch management tool facilitating rapid application deployment.

  • intergence-lightbulb-icon

    At the turn of the decade, Real Status launched the World’s first 3-dimensional virtualisation app. Two years later, we became an integral part of the solution’s success, securing £2million of early-stage funding.

  • globe-cog-icon

    In 2013, we bought a new digital customer experience products to the market. This solution integrated, for the first time, with our new Cloud-based services framework.

  • mouse-icon

    by 2015 digital transformation was part of our lifeblood. We next began an extensive analysis programme that enabled us to select, integrate and unify an extensive set of tooling capabilities for private, public and hybrid end-to-end IT infrastructure.

  • ceo-icon

    Present - in September 2016, Intergence launched Stratiam, the first platform of its kind to give CIOs and CEOs unparalleled insight into their performance and the customer’s digital experience. 2017 has seen our digital transformation services explode as we receive greater recognition from customers on our expertise. Our managed services are proliferating too, as clients move to our ‘Total Transparent’ managed service offerings.

The Intergence team

We’re a team based in Cambridge brimming with innovation, but modest enough to know the challenges of evolving a business. As such, we source only the finest industry experts and innovators to grow our service offerings – or, more importantly, your enterprise evolution.

Our executive team
  • max-dyer

    Max is our non-executive Chairman. A qualified Chartered Accountant, for many years Max worked as director in the corporate finance departments of several leading investment banks and stock broking firms. Having served as executive and non - executive director for a series of public and private companies, he has a wealth of experience in multiple sectors including insurance, healthcare, life sciences and electronic equipment manufacturing. Max also loves to travel and is an avid cricket fan.
    Max Dyer Bartlett - Chairman

  • peter-job

    As founder and CEO, Peter has spent years helping IT executives retain control of their digital ecosystems. After starting Intergence in 2003, Peter went on to create Hyperglance, the world’s first 3D visualisation tool for IT infrastructure and application process flows. He has brought that expertise to bear in the creation of Stratiam – Intergence’s cornerstone technology platform. Previously, Peter held senior sales and management positions at Gandalf, Alcatel, ThruPoint and Omnetica. Outside of technology his passions include sport - and if he wasn’t running Intergence he would love to be part of an F1 pit crew.
    Peter Job - CEO

  • mike-altendorf

    London-based angel investor and CIO mentor, Mike is advisor and non-executive director for many fast-growing technology companies. Mike has years of experience in both consulting and technology. He founded Conchango in 1991 – one of the UK's most successful digital consultancies and systems integrators – and build it into a £45m+ revenue business before it's sale in 2008. He is always on the lookout for smart, disruptive ideas that have the power to transform at enterprise level and will use his experience to help Intergence grow.
    Mike Altendorf – Non-Executive Director

  • mike-warren

    A self-confessed ‘numbers man’, with over 20 years' experience working in accountancy, Mike began his career at a Top 30 accountancy firm. After qualifying as a Chartered Accountant, he followed his passion for business and moved into the service industry, where his love for numbers saw him quickly progress to the role of Finance Director. Football and cars are his second loves.
    Mike Warren - CFO

  • mike-mcclean

    A highly experienced non-executive director and independent IT management consultant, Mike specialises in information technology management within the financial services sector. His other areas of expertise lie in applications development, technology risk, technology infrastructure, global and local area networking, real-time information systems, storage systems, data centre management, mobile and other end-user technologies - to name a few.
    Mike McClean – Non-Exec Director

Our values

Keep our promises


Do what we say we will

Never over-promise

Always commit

Do what's right


Be a centre of excellence

Success attracts the
best people

Take responsibility for
your actions

Succeed together


Play your part

The best people
deliver success

Success attracts
the best people

Think customer


Understand our customer

Always think of their
needs first

Lead our customers

Approved and accredited



Stratiam - our enterprise enabler

Stratiam demonstrates the expertise, business-centric thinking and innovative minds that separate Intergence from its competitors. This single Cloud-based solution is available exclusively to our partners and provides a holistic, consolidated view of your business.

Compatible with multiple applications and collating all your business processes into a single Cloud portal, this unique solution makes your every technology more visible, more manageable and more compatible – letting you dictate your company future.

Future-first strategy and services

Know where you are, where you’re going and what makes your business unique – with an IT specialist that thrives on our growth and innovation. Talk to the Intergence team today.