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Don’t let distance come between you and your desktop. Access fully featured operating systems, applications and files from anywhere with our Desktop Services.

All you need, wherever you work

The modern workplace has gone virtual – and for many of us, that means more than accessing our office software from the Cloud. With virtual desktop solutions, you’ve access to everything a desktop computer offers – wherever and whatever you work from.

For the modern, mobile business 

For fast-moving, agile businesses, Desktop Services are the perfect way to keep users mobile, customers connected and responses rapid. For specialist support on Desktop Services, look no further than Intergence. 

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  • For teams and team players
    Whether providing a single dedicated desktop, or a pooled experience capable of supporting an entire workforce, our Desktop Services keep people connected to their work, without compromise.

  • Extensive technical capabilities
    It’s not just software you’re virtualising with Desktop Services, it’s hardware. If you need extensive new technical capabilities without the costly hardware investment, a virtual desktop might be the answer.

  • Cost-effective 
    Paid for on a per-person, per-user basis, your virtual desktop solutions only cost as much as they’re used – you’ve no danger of paying over the odds for short-term, surplus solutions.

  • Secured
    Your virtual desktops are managed by us and our trusted providers. Being stored on the industry’s most secure private servers means your virtual desktops are at the lowest possible risk of cyber threat

Growing and innovating a Cloud-based counselling firm

Pieta House is one of the largest mental health charities in Ireland, operating since 2006 and providing counselling for over 58,000 people suffering from emotional distress. When demand for their services outpaced their technical capabilities, Pieta House reached out to Intergence for assistance.    

Our case study details how we cooperated with Pieta House’s senior management to develop a Cloud-first, flexible strategy that expanded their services, enabled flexible working and increased its technical capabilities exponentially.

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Your partners in progressive Desktop Services

Provide a Managed Desktop that works for you, your infrastructure, and your end users to deliver your full productive potential. Our combined consulting and managed service expertise ensures your Desktop Services are implemented and optimised, whenever and wherever you access them.

Explore our desktop services, from initial consulting to ongoing management and support. All the information you need is in our datasheet below. 

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  • 24x7 service support
    You want a virtual desktop that works to your standards and demands. With our 24x7 support you’re never anything less than completely covered – whenever and wherever you or your users work from.

  • Planning and strategy
    Overcome existing operating challenges and pave the way for your company’s future. With our consulting, strategy and life cycle services, you’re covered now and for the future.

  • Managed and monitored 
    We take care of all patch, antivirus and malware management, remote app deployment, and lifecycle management. With nothing to manage, your desktop solution lets you work uninhibited.

  • Universally available
    With a guaranteed 99.99% uptime, you don’t ever have to worry about desktop availability – and should you ever suffer a blackout, our Remote, On-Prem or Hybrid support services are on-hand to help.


“Managed Desktop Services” eBook   

Modern Managed Desktop services that provide your users with a secure modern experience and always keeps devices up to date with the latest versions of your Windows O/S, Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise, and Microsoft security services.

For details about the specific services included with Intergence Modern Managed Desktop, download the following eBook, or contact our sales team

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Shaped by Stratiam

Today's insights, tomorrow's innovations

Stratiam is our unique and unrivalled technical solution, and a powerful enterprise enabler. Your managed desktop is made simpler with an interface fine-tuned to your preferences and designed to measure your company success.

  • Customise
    Set up the Stratiam you want. Customisable templates let you decide how you manage and view your desktop, its users and any connected apps.

  • Clarify
    See your business from a whole new perspective. Stratiam looks at your business technologies as a whole, giving you unparalleled transparency. 

  • Correlate
    If you’re relying on multiple solutions, let Stratiam collate them into one proactive whole and deliver a consistent new management solution.

  • Collaborate
    You see everything we do through Stratiam. Full visibility means both you and Intergence can take collaborative steps towards your cyber security.

Work without limits 

Enable remote working on an unprecedented level, with a single shared desktop for your teams. Virtualise powerful new hardware as and when you need it. Deliver specialised solutions on a per-user basis without the associated hardware costs. With our Desktop Services, you’ve never been more flexible.