Data Centre Migration

A Strategic Decision To Design And Build A New Data Centre

Working with a global company to consolidate their Data Centres

Our client is the largest provider of financial markets data and infrastructure, serving over 40,000 institutions in over 190 countries.

They provide data and insights, trading platforms, and open data and technology platforms
that connect the global finance markets.

Our client has recently formed from a private equity firm and a household name within the financial sector and now are
a $6bn USD business.

The Challenge

The client decided to reduce the number of Data Centres internationally and particularly in the UK which were experiencing space limitations, technical environmental operational issues.

Additionally one of the data centres leases had expired.

This led to a strategic decision to design and build a new data centre that complied to the highest standards and then consolidate and migrate existing server farms and data centres to the new facility.

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The Solution

Intergence were engaged to design and deploy the new secure and scalable data centre network architecture.

An Intergence Network & Security Team was deployed to audit the Client’s obsolete data centre and configure the firewall and network infrastructure within the new site.

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The Impact

Intergence were able to produce a highly scalable secure and manageable data centre environment that addressed the environmental and operational issues in the existing data centres which included the following:

  • Integration of the new infrastructure with the core WAN MPLS cloud for interconnectivity to other sites and other global data centres

  • A smooth migration process with minimal impact on the live services

  • A phased operational handover process with detailed operational readiness documentation
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