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Know your options, your opportunities and your company future

Enter your perfect future workplace knowing your strategies, solutions and ongoing support are set up for your success. Our Consulting Services give you the confidence and clarity to take that next major business step.

The collaborative consultancy

Consultancy is our longest-running service, and the first of the many business solutions that make up the Intergence offering. With our experience spanning dozens of technologies, hundreds of industries and multiple enterprises since 2003, our advice is as impartial as it is invaluable.


  • We walk in your shoes
    We want to know your business as well as we know your industry. We explore your business, its people and its processes first-hand to truly understand what makes your business unique.

  • Simplifying strategies
    We help you develop realistic, beneficial and achievable strategies that work to your strengths, your capabilities and our extensive consultative capabilities.

  • Measured on outcomes
    We’re business first, technology second, that’s why we base our strategies on outcomes and provide full visibility of our service success via our purpose-built data platform, Stratiam.

  • Starting with success
    We always concentrate on quick wins, delivering successful results, laying the groundwork for growth and building momentum for your business success.

  • Agile and automated
    Simple solutions don’t have to be inflexible. Everything we implement is designed for agility, collaboration and creativity in an ever-evolving workplace, and developed with your input.

  • Setting standards
    Consistency means commitment. We work alongside you across all current and future strategies, driving business change and delivering solutions that stick.



With Intergence, you’re planned and prepared for the future, with solutions that drive results. Adapt to an ever-changing workplace and deliver solutions as consistent as they are durable.

For the journey, the destination and beyond, get in touch with our team today.

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Approved and accredited



Our consultative expertise

Knowledge is power. Our consulting services are designed to clarify your corporate data and develop sensible attainable strategies that you understand, approve and are assisted with for every step of the journey.

Technology Consulting


Understand, implement and improve the technical solutions that make your processes possible and your business run.

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Business Analytics

Source and interpret your most valuable business data, translate it into measurable business outcomes and develop reliable new strategies that enable growth.

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Digital Transformation


Enter a new era of business with the aid of advanced technical solutions. Know your technical capabilities now and for the future.

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Business Change


Resolve recurring issues, recognise your business potential and modernise approaches for better business potential.

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Explore your increasingly connected world and develop strategies for secure, synergised and Cloud-enabled solutions.

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Application Performance


Make the most of your software solutions and optimise them for collaboration, connectivity and creative new ways of working.

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Enabled by Stratiam

See everything, at all times.

Stratiam is our unique and unrivalled technical solution, and powerful enterprise enabler. By bringing all your business data into a single, holistic environment, Stratiam gives you wide-reaching visibility of your processes, opportunities and outcomes.

Compatible with a wide range of enterprise software, Stratiam turns your every solution into a single, synergised solution for change.



Connect data streams across a wealth of compatible apps and services and visualise data the way you see fit. Customisable templates let you decide what data you capture and how it’s presented.



Connect structured and unstructured data from across your business. Measure performance, volumes, response times and more to resolve issues, refine processes and identify business opportunities.



Stratiam combines recognised and related data pools automatically, applying AI and machine learning to your security, threat detection and data protection solutions.



Both Intergence and its clients have equal access to Stratiam – meaning both have the insight, intelligence and analytics to collaborate on new opportunities.

Planning, preparation, perfection

Partner with the IT experts that plan your future business and prove its effectiveness with visible results and vigilant technical support.

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