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Discover how Intergence's software Stratiam, helped Tendring District Council completely revolutionise their IT infrastructure

Tendring District Council is a council in England that’s the home to nearly 150,000 people. As a second-tier local authority, it is responsible for services that include planning, rubbish collection, recycling, council tax, housing, leisure centres, parks and seafronts.

The council covers a large geographical area, which is a mix of rural, urban and coastal communities.

In addition to its residents, the area normally (pre-pandemic) attracts many tourists and holidaymakers during the summer season,
creating extra demand for its leisure and environmental services in particular.

The Challenge

Thanks to strong leadership, the council has made significant progress in recent years, transforming how they deliver services, deploying digital tools, such as Granicus govService (Firmstep), that would change processes from standardised and manual to online and automatic.

Enabling an automated, online experience, using intelligent online forms would channel-shift customers from expensive means of contact and save the council significant sums of money.

Automating processes such as missed bins, for example, would allow customers to contact the council via their MyTendring account using a web-based form, reducing the cost of reporting from £5 to less than 5p a transaction.

However, whilst huge steps have been made, the council, in partnership with Intergence, felt more could be done to utilise the data from online service delivery to drive further cost and revenue savings.

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The Solution

Stratiam® is a data visualisation and transformation platform, that uses API’s to integrate multiple sources of data into a single view.

The software is then able to correlate and blend the data, giving organisations powerful insights, which drive decisions to increase efficiency, reduce costs, improve customer experience and enhance revenue opportunities.

Integrating Stratiam® with Tendring District Council’s online automated forms system would mean that all of their customer data for services such as recycling, garden waste, parking, licensing, parks, housing and council tax can be in one place.

The software would then be able to organise and tag the data, accurately pinpointing and predicting service issues in real time.

This allows teams to significantly improve the quality of their data and reduces the cycle time to conduct analytics, resulting in faster and more accurate decisions to improve services at significantly lower cost.

For example, missed bins complaints is a common problem and can be very time consuming for teams to investigate and get to the root cause.

However, Stratiam® software is able to quickly identify repeat complainants, which is often the case, and through integration with Google maps, allows teams to view the resident’s home to check if access restrictions are the possible and genuine cause.

Significantly, Stratiam® provides insights from data that the online process alone would not know.

For example Stratiam® can trigger an email or SMS notification, when customer sentiment is low or if a similar service issue has been reported multiple times.

It can also alert staff when contact details are missing for garden waste subscriptions or taxi license renewals, which means it’s much faster to recover revenue on time and in full.

Tendring are also using Stratiam® to analyse NPS (Net Promoter Score) data, reported by customers via their website and MyTendring portal.

The software will quickly analyse trends and instantly interpret, structure and report on positive and negative comments made by customers.

This significantly reduces the time spent by teams analysing NPS data from days to seconds, allowing them to focus on taking appropriate interventions and improving the quality of service they provide.

Finally, and one of the best things Tendring District Council have experienced about Stratiam®, is that it is built with usability in mind:

“You don’t have to be an expert in data analytics to use it and its really simple to deploy,”  - says Anthony Osborn, Stratiam® developer.

Pre-built API’s can easily ingest data from multiple sources, the data is automatically blended and correlated and then through beautifully crafted dashboards made usable for anyone from the council, who needs to access it.

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The Impact

The Global Data Centre and Cloud strategy underpins the company’s goal of operating and coordinating as a group by delivering a balanced portfolio of data centre services.

The services meet all necessary rigorous compliance requirements while offering the agile, flexible and cost-effective value of the cloud.

The strategy has driven the understanding of Cloud Services and broken down the barriers of adoption. It also drives the ongoing realisation of the following business goals.


We originally engaged Intergence to help guide our digital strategy which we embarked on to help transform the way we interacted with our council users.

By moving many of our services into a secure cloud environment we have made significant financial savings and moved our operating model from that of large periodic capital IT infrastructure investment to a more manageable 'pay as you go' revenue situation.

Intergence has helped to support us along the whole of this journey over the last two and a half years."

Tendring District Council

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