Network Transformation - Five Strategic Steps

Five strategic steps to consider when looking at implementing a network transformation into your business


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This eBook explores the concept of network transformation and its significance in the modern business environment.
It discusses the drivers of network transformation, such as digitalisation and increasing data demands, and provides insights into the strategies and technologies that enable organisations to evolve their network infrastructure.
The eBook offers guidance on planning and executing a successful network transformation to enhance performance, scalability, and security.

Key Ideas and Expectations

  • Drivers of Network Transformation: Explains the factors prompting organizations to transform their network infrastructure, including digitalization, cloud adoption, and increasing data traffic.

  • Benefits of Network Transformation: Highlights the advantages of updating network infrastructure, such as improved performance, enhanced scalability, and better security.

  • Strategic Planning: Provides a framework for planning network transformation, including assessing current infrastructure, defining goals, and creating a roadmap.

  • Technological Solutions: Discusses key technologies and solutions that facilitate network transformation, such as software-defined networking (SDN) and network function virtualization (NFV).

  • Implementation Best Practices: Offers practical advice on executing network transformation projects, including best practices for minimizing disruption and ensuring a smooth transition.

  • Case Studies: Features real-world examples and case studies demonstrating successful network transformation initiatives and their impact on business operations.


This eBook is designed to help IT leaders and network managers understand the importance of network transformation and provides them with the knowledge and strategies needed to successfully update their network infrastructure.