Stratiam DataOps eradicates enterprise silo’s of data

Stratiam DataOps provides unparalleled insight into Enterprise business operations where blending data from multiple business sources provides visualisation of business finances, service delivery performance and customer experience. The merging of many datasets improves business service visualisation on quality, experience, velocity and predictability that drives proactive operations in maintaining consistent sustained high-levels of service availability.

How Stratiam DataOps Eradicates Enterprise Data Silo’s and Provides Unparalleled Service Visualisation:

Stratiam iSEE (integrated Service Exchange Engine) layer is where real-time data is exchanged and tapped into from Stratiam Dashboards for Single Pane of Glass visualisations creating breath-taking insight into business operations.

What are the 3 Benefits of Stratiam?

Time – Stratiam provides unparalleled insight into Business Services that enables proactive operational performance.

Money – With greater proactive Operational & Performance Insight we maintain consistent levels of service availability thus safe-guarding digital revenue streams from transactional failures.

Experience – Understanding the user experience drives service improvement through greater understanding of the service delivery pathways.

Stratiam DataOps enables stakeholder collaboration in establishing integration to datasets that are required for consumption within the iSEE layer. The collaborative ideal, maps end-to-end data workflows bringing spectacular visualisations that result in data-derived business value.

Being able to directly correlate business performance with IT service delivery in Single Pane of Glass views drives preventive service degradation and failure through multiple data feed visualisation.

Fundamentally, business workflows are data workflows owned by a specific group or business unit. Therefore, having an open transparent approach delivers greater accountability, audibility and visibility across the data silo’s of service operations and other business units.

Check out here this short 4 min video overview of how Stratiam can be quickly deployed and integrated into a customer’s environment for greater insight into e-Commerce operations.

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