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Start transforming your teaching and learning experience within your institution by keeping pace with new technologies. Our premium IT solutions will lead the way to digital growth and empower your students’ future.

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With the fast pace of the IT space, and new technologies evolving rapidly, many higher education institutions are desperately trying to adapt to digital transformation – often unsuccessfully. The result: a poor teaching and learning experience. To meet the expectations of both teachers and students, we at Intergence provide cost-effective education technology that streamlines and simplifies your IT infrastructure. Let us support your journey to digital transformation and an enhanced education environment.

Discover simplified, faster and more efficient IT for Education services and solutions to provide your students and staff with a world-class IT environment. Our strategy paves your institution’s way to digital growth.

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  • IT made simple
    Our transformative solutions help you streamline your IT and make your processes more straightforward, more efficient and more cost-effective. We’re more than just IT providers – we plan and perfect your institution’s IT from A to Z.

  • People-first approach
    By combining entrepreneurial and strategic thinking with industry experience, we understand both people and their processes. With us, your students and staff are always at the heart of your institution.

  • Your success, tracked
    We don’t just implement quick solutions, we measure their success too. Always have full visibility and insight into your institution’s objectives and development by tracking results and continuously optimising your digital strategy.

  • Stop chasing, keep pace
    Digital change is an ongoing process. We’re committed to technical transformation, anticipating and encouraging change across your institution and keeping up with the constantly moving digital landscape to keep your institution at the top of its game.

  • More success, faster
    Do it the Intergence way: achieve your goals faster and with more success. Our innovative technologies and digital strategies provide proven results, helping you to stay within your budget and align with university governance and funding projects.

  • Industry-leading experts
    Our team of experienced experts in the Higher Education Sector develops and deploys bespoke solutions to promote your alumni’s learning experience. We know your challenges, regulations and goals and will help you excel in all.

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Education-enabled Technologies

We’re your trusted partner on your institution’s evolutionary journey to more digital growth. Our transformative solutions, efficient strategies and ongoing support will help you create a nurturing teaching and learning environment for staff and students alike.

Digitally transform the
way you teach & learn


With Intergence, your students’ future is in safe hands. Always stay up to date with the latest technologies and keep up with the fast-paced and ever-evolving digital landscape. Plan, prepare and perfect your institution’s future with the power of digital transformation solutions that enable a fast, stable, and streamlined IT infrastructure.

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Infinite opportunities with
Cloud-enabled technology


Our Cloud solutions lay the groundwork for your institution’s success. Enjoy endless possibilities, infinite space and extensive Cloud capabilities to enable a collaborative and creative teaching and learning environment. Reinvent your infrastructure and create the pathway to every student’s

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Managed Services that will
define your students’ future


It’s time to rethink Managed Service Solutions. From ongoing support to the conception and implementation of a bespoke strategy and beyond, Intergence supports you every step of the way. We provide transformative technologies that will empower your processes, staff and

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Your IT challenges, sorted

Is your institution’s IT giving you headaches? Keeping up with the ever-evolving digital landscape can be quite challenging for institutions in the Higher Education Sector. Download our free eBook to discover what IT challenges universities face and how you can easily overcome them.

Streamline your learning and teaching processes with education-enabled technology

Embark on your journey to more digital growth and transform the teaching and learning experience through your IT today.  For the journey, the destination and beyond, get in touch with our team today.

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Take a collaborative, impartial approach to Digital Transformation and partner up with your evolutionary experts. With Intergence, you’re free to fully explore your opportunities.