Why Most Digital Projects Fail - And How To Avoid That - The Intergence Way

In this ebook you will find the Intergence's way of guaranteeing that your digital project won't fail when most are


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This ebook examines the common reasons why digital projects fail and provides strategies for achieving success.
It outlines the key challenges organizations face during digital transformation and offers practical solutions to overcome them.
The eBook aims to guide businesses in effectively planning, executing, and managing digital projects to ensure they deliver the desired outcomes.

Key Ideas and Expectations

  • Common Pitfalls in Digital Projects: Identifies typical reasons for the failure of digital projects, such as lack of clear vision, poor planning, and inadequate stakeholder engagement.

  • Strategic Planning: Emphasizes the importance of thorough and strategic planning in setting a strong foundation for digital projects.

  • Effective Execution: Provides insights into best practices for executing digital projects, including agile methodologies, continuous improvement, and effective project management.

  • Change Management: Discusses the role of change management in ensuring smooth adoption and integration of digital initiatives.

  • Stakeholder Engagement: Highlights the need for active engagement and communication with stakeholders throughout the project lifecycle.

  • Real-World Examples: Includes case studies and examples of successful digital projects, demonstrating how the recommended strategies can lead to success.


This eBook is designed to help business leaders and project managers understand the critical factors for digital project success and equip them with the tools and strategies needed to avoid common pitfalls and achieve their digital transformation goals.