5 challenges in IT infrastructure and how to solve them

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During the past two years, many businesses have witnessed rapid digital transformation. As a result, their ability to succeed is now inextricably linked with their IT infrastructure.

Now, CIOs and IT managers are under pressure to deliver an infrastructure strategy that enables the organisation to meet its desired outcomes and deliver on strategic objectives - today and into the future.

However, as infrastructure grows in complexity and importance, it becomes increasingly challenging to manage and evolve. This blog discusses the most common IT infrastructure problems and how to overcome them.

Common challenges in IT infrastructure

#1 Inefficient data management

Having realised the power of data, organisations are storing more than ever. While it's easy to collect, data is hard to store and manage, and can negatively impact system-wide performance when managed inefficiently. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to tell when data overload and mismanagement are the root cause of a less-than-optimal system.

#2 Lack of budget for technical innovation

An insufficient budget is the most significant barrier to implementing an effective infrastructure strategy. Businesses must optimise their investments to ensure their infrastructure drives value, and the first step is understanding inefficiencies and gaps in the current system.

However, compiling and manually analysing data from the individual monitoring tools across a complete IT infrastructure is highly time-consuming. Even if you can find time to complete this intensive task, the complexity of the analysis often means the intelligence gleaned is suboptimal and possibly unreliable.

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#3 Looming cyber threats

As your IT infrastructure grows, so does your digital attack surface area. Businesses must increase their focus on IT infrastructure security and implement robust protocols to defend themselves from the increased risk of cyberattacks. Additionally, investing in solutions that protect infrastructures with complete security monitoring and remediating can help prohibit and minimise the impact of attacks. 

#4 Service level agreements

Whether you outsource or in-house your IT, it's essential to have Service Level Agreements (SLAs) in place to monitor and objectively measure the standard of IT service. Doing so will help you understand whether IT enables the business to operate efficiently or holds it back. Plus, having evidence of excessive downtime and disruption can help to rationalise and support your argument for an increase in budget or investment.

#5 Lack of powerful computing platforms 

Many businesses that accelerated their digital transformation to survive the pandemic adopted modern business applications and ran them on top of legacy infrastructure. Many are still using this model today. 

While this got organisations through the most challenging pandemic stages, the likelihood is that a lack of modern cloud infrastructure is negatively impacting the performance of your IT systems and your business. 

Powerful cloud platforms can handle large volumes of data, are scalable and secure, and run state-of-the-art software applications and hardware efficiently. Therefore, investing in this technology will give your business the best foundations to build a successful infrastructure.

How to improve IT infrastructure

As your IT infrastructure has grown in complexity, you've likely lost visibility into its performance and how effectively its components work together. Identifying the root causes of IT issues has probably become an arduous task, and if you're like most IT managers, you're playing constant catch-up to ensure robust infrastructure security.

Stratiam resolves these pains by using real-time monitoring and incomparable data analytics to give you a single view of your entire infrastructure on one dashboard. With Stratiam, you can delve deep into data, monitor system-wide SLAs and security, plus much more, all in one place. 

Discover more about how the simplicity and power of Stratiam could help overcome your IT infrastructure challenges and give you the insights you need to drive value with the next stages of your digital transformation. Or get in touch to book a meeting with one of our experts. 


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