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The UK charity sector raises nearly £50 billion in charitable donations every year. With over 166,000 organisations employing 750,000 staff the sector is incredibly competitive. Charities are constantly looking for ways to get more out of their IT investments and find new ways of using digital strategies to reach more people, more effectively.

Demand for services in the charities sector is at an all-time high and increasing. Digital is largely under-realised within the sector, and critical to the continued success to lower cost, enhance traditionally limited internal IT resources, and remove IT systems as blockers to providing essential service.

Kyle Rokkas Operations Director

Top three drivers for change

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01 The drive to digitise

Charities have recognised that digital is the way to enhance the essential services they provide their clients as multi-channel engagement grows.

02 Access to data analytics

Most organisations have recognised the importance of data analytics to focus on business performance and revenue increases. In the last five years organisations have become increasingly reliant on quality data to plan their marketing and customer strategies. This means having good data science and integrated client contact information combined with a solid infrastructure with robust security to protect the data sources.

03 Decline in public sector funding and access to resources

Over recent years there has been a decline in public sector funding for the charity sector, combined with an increase in the use of part-time workers as the demands to do “more with less” becomes paramount for those charitable organisations wanting to offer more services.

Tech trends affecting charities

Many charities are still paper based. As consumers move online however getting a single picture of the customer will become increasingly important, which means charities will need to invest in digital CRM systems.

Social media

Traditionally charities have very static websites that don’t integrate with other channels. By bringing social and website channels together you can more easily convert conversations on social media into donations and reach those in need more efficiently and effectively.

Contactless payments

We live in an increasingly cashless society. Many charities are leveraging contactless payments methods to increase and attract revenue opportunities such as TAP London (


Artificial Intelligence, IOT, AR (Augmented reality), VR (Virtual reality) Robotics – digital tools we will see more and more of in the charity sector to drive efficiency and automate service delivery.

Cloud technology

It has become increasingly important to streamline and centralise data and enable more flexible working practices whilst reducing costs.


Increasing use of bespoke apps, to streamline and speed up processes including repetitive manual tasks. Age UK have developed an APP to support staff with conversations, take notes and create action plans.

Cryptocurrency & Blockchain

Blockchain can create greater transparency of where funds are going and the impact they are having, fast. Donators can also retract funds if they don’t see the results they want.


Anyone can sign-up and make a one-time donation providing they see it as a worthy cause. BEAM helps homeless people make the transition from welfare dependency into work through training and support.

Smart mobile devices

Giving SMART technology to those in need, bringing new opportunities to connect to people.

Video conferencing and collaboration tools

Bringing new opportunities to collaborate and work more efficiently and effectively.

Sudo Our service areas

Where agility meets simplicity

At Intergence we believe in a simple, pragmatic, non-jargon approach to digital change, focusing on teamwork, communication and collaboration
IT Infrastructure
IT Infrastructure

We simplify and modernise IT Infrastructures. This means they can perform better, are cheaper to run, easier to manage and less vulnerable to security threats. They are also flexible and scalable enough to facilitate real digital change.

Digital Change

Our team of digital change experts and sustainable ecosystem, will help you employ and implement the latest ‘world class’ technological solutions’, tailored to your exact customer requirements, providing you with pragmatic, best in class advice at each stage of your digital transformation journey.

Business Analytics
Business Analytics

Powered by the world’s first fully integrated data correlation and AI predictive analytics platform, we will provide you with real insight (not just data), across your entire IT infrastructure, saving you time and money, helping you to transform the customer experience and achieve significant competitive advantage.

Managed Services
Managed Services

Our award winning team have experience of managing the performance and cybersecurity of many organisations & systems, helping them focus on delivering superior value to their customers, and giving you piece of mind that their systems, networks and programs are protected from digital attacks.

Intergence Way

All of our digital and IT change projects are powered by The Intergence Way, our unique, pragmatic, no jargon approach to tech projects, designed to help our clients achieve their goals faster and with greater success. We never walk away and leave in place the knowledge, skills and capabilities to help organisations successfully manage technological change and continue delivering value to their customers on a sustainable basis.

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