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Intergence has been helping companies in the Financial Services sector to become more streamlined and efficient for over 17 years, removing complexity and delivering IT performance that can support the ever changing needs of the industry.

As competition grows and customer expectations continue to rise, so does the pressure on IT systems and digital services. However, with over 75% of digital transformation projects failing finding the right partner to deliver change is critical.

Technology systems within the financial services sector are some of the complex and costly there are. Removing this complexity and reducing costs while enabling faster product development and time to market is a difficult balance for organisations in this sector to find.

David Poulton CTO

Top 3 drivers for change

We fully understand the challenges you face
01 Faster delivery of products & services

With customer expectations rising and competition from new entrants into the market increasing getting new products and services into the hands of your customers has never been more important.

02 Risk & regulation management

Although the pressure to innovate increases the need to manage risk has not diminished. Balancing the two can be difficult and adding to that a third pressure, brought by an ever changing regulatory environment.

03 Data security & transparency

Ensuring customer data is secure and protecting customers from the increasing volume of digital threats remains a priority as does the need for accurate insight and information across the business.

Focusing on the future of technology
Digital Transformation

FS invested £1.57bn on digital change in 2015/16 (article 2017).


40 to 80% of all customer requests are automated (Cognitive Robotics 2017.)


Importance and cost of protecting systems, networks and programmes increasing.


Fintech’s now contribute to over £6.6bn to UK economy (HMRC report Mar 2018).

Digital Economy

Blockchain technology is now playing an integral part in every corner of the digital economy.

Data Analytics

90% of business leaders believe data-driven insights and predictive AI will be the differentiator in 2020 (article 2020).


38% of customers are aware of it and expect FS businesses to follow it (Cybersecurity survey 2018).

Digital Connectivity (IOT)

28 million connected devices online by 2020.


Importance and cost of protecting systems, networks and programmes increasing.

Sudo Our service areas

Where agility meets simplicity

At Intergence we believe in a simple, pragmatic, non-jargon approach to digital change, focusing on teamwork, communication and collaboration
IT Infrastructure
IT Infrastructure

We simplify and modernise IT Infrastructures. This means they can perform better, are cheaper to run, easier to manage and less vulnerable to security threats. They are also flexible and scalable enough to facilitate real digital change.

Digital Change

Our team of digital change experts and sustainable ecosystem, will help you employ and implement the latest ‘world class’ technological solutions’, tailored to your exact customer requirements, providing you with pragmatic, best in class advice at each stage of your digital transformation journey.

Business Analytics
Business Analytics

Powered by the world’s first fully integrated data correlation and AI predictive analytics platform, we will provide you with real insight (not just data), across your entire IT infrastructure, saving you time and money, helping you to transform the customer experience and achieve significant competitive advantage.

Managed Services
Managed Services

Our award winning team have experience of managing the performance and cybersecurity of many organisations & systems, helping them focus on delivering superior value to their customers, and giving you piece of mind that their systems, networks and programs are protected from digital attacks.

Intergence Way

All of our digital and IT change projects are powered by The Intergence Way, our unique, pragmatic, no jargon approach to tech projects, designed to help our clients achieve their goals faster and with greater success. We never walk away and leave in place the knowledge, skills and capabilities to help organisations successfully manage technological change and continue delivering value to their customers on a sustainable basis.

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