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With budgets under pressure, Local Governments are looking for new ways to support the needs of their residents, businesses and communities in this new and constantly evolving digital age. Intergence is working hand-in-hand with these authorities to help them leverage the enormous developments in technology, digital tools and new ways of working to enable them to meet the challenge.

As an organisation, we pride ourselves on the long term partnerships we have been able to build with clients - in both the public and private sectors - focused on helping them get the most value from the budgets they have available.

Konrad Thomasson Digital Transformation Lead

Top 3 drivers for change

We fully understand the challenges you face
01 Sustained pressure on budgets

Major cuts to local government budgets over the last decade have increased the demand for more cost-effective and efficient ways of delivering services. It has also meant IT departments across the public sector have seen their funds reduced at a time when there is rising pressure to expand digital services while protecting data.

02 Drive towards digital services

The expectation that citizen services will be available online - not just through websites but through mobile devices as well - is rising. Delivering services online where possible also helps to reduce costs and enables front line staff to focus their time on the areas where they can deliver the most value.

03 Single view of the citizen

As with sectors like retail and financial services a multi-channel approach needs to be supported by a single customer view to enable citizens to engage across multiple channels without having to provide the same information multiple times. This not only improves the citizen experience but also delivers increased efficiency and productivity.

Technology trends impacting local government
Digital tools

Driving significant change to the workplace, from productivity tools to line of businesses apps and the devices they run on. Digital cloud based tools are also increasing productivity and enabling a more flexible modern way of working.


Increasing use of IOT for the proactive management of council housing facilities and waste disposal. The cost of sensors is declining and the benefits becoming clear.

Budget pressures

Demand for local services is increasing as is the expectation around how and when they are delivered - but local budgets are being slashed by at least 40%.

Cloud migration

Shift from on premise infrastructure and applications to Cloud based systems. Long term benefits of increased flexibility and scalability but short term costs/ disruption of migration.

Citizen centric services

Siloed approach to delivering services is no longer acceptable. Citizens are increasingly expecting a joined up approach and an integrated system that gives every service the same view and the same information.


Data analytics, when linked with a single customer view, will become very powerful for councils, communities and other sectors such as voluntary and healthcare to collaborate and prevent issues such as homelessness or bed blocking. Data is still very much in SILO’s and needs to change, whilst maintaining obligations of data protection.


Collaboration is increasing across councils, health, communities and voluntary businesses to achieve genuine joined up services delivery.


Automation is taking away a lot of low value / repetitive tasks, increasing morale and allowing staff to focus on serving customers better.

Sudo Our service areas

Where agility meets simplicity

At Intergence we believe in a simple, pragmatic, non-jargon approach to digital change, focusing on teamwork, communication and collaboration
IT Infrastructure
IT Infrastructure

We simplify and modernise IT Infrastructures. This means they can perform better, are cheaper to run, easier to manage and less vulnerable to security threats. They are also flexible and scalable enough to facilitate real digital change.

Digital Change

Our team of digital change experts and sustainable ecosystem, will help you employ and implement the latest ‘world class’ technological solutions’, tailored to your exact customer requirements, providing you with pragmatic, best in class advice at each stage of your digital transformation journey.

Business Analytics
Business Analytics

Powered by the world’s first fully integrated data correlation and AI predictive analytics platform, we will provide you with real insight (not just data), across your entire IT infrastructure, saving you time and money, helping you to transform the customer experience and achieve significant competitive advantage.

Managed Services
Managed Services

Our award winning team have experience of managing the performance and cybersecurity of many organisations & systems, helping them focus on delivering superior value to their customers, and giving you piece of mind that their systems, networks and programs are protected from digital attacks.

Intergence Way

All of our digital and IT change projects are powered by The Intergence Way, our unique, pragmatic, no jargon approach to tech projects, designed to help our clients achieve their goals faster and with greater success. We never walk away and leave in place the knowledge, skills and capabilities to help organisations successfully manage technological change and continue delivering value to their customers on a sustainable basis.

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