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As devices become smarter and the demand for content greater the pressure on networks continues to grow. With the advent of 5G the demands on the network will only accelerate. This not only means network upgrades but also more effective management of bandwidth demands and more sophisticated security. Intergence has worked with the UK’s leading telecoms companies on both new infrastructure roll outs and network management giving them the capabilities to respond quickly and effectively to new customers demands.

Intergence has been helping telecoms companies to upgrade and manage their networks for nearly 20 years. We understand the technology and the challenges and are experts in leveraging the one to solve the other.

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The top three drivers for change

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01 Relentless increase in data consumption

The last three years have seen an enormous uptick in data demand by consumers which has been largely driven by telecoms companies driving into the “Over-the-Top” (OTT) and mobile and broadband services in IoT devices. This has put enormous pressure on networks and this trend is set to continue as content providers and data access becomes key to competitive advantage in an industry where increased consolidation is likely to continue at pace.

02 Telcos as content providers

Recently we have seen traditional Telco’s grabbing content to gain access to “Martini networking” so that users can grab content on demand - wherever they can consume it. For example BT offers Premier League paid content and bundles this into its Broadband offerings. The move into 5G will see more opportunity for bundling.

03 Increase in the volume and sophistication of data breaches

Data or network breaches are on the rise and almost every telecoms company has suffered from a high profile hack or data loss in the last few years. Additionally, GDPR means that European service providers have had to be much more aware of how they encrypt data across their networks. This will lead to an exponential rise in demand for better edge and single sign-on security and privacy protection.

Telecoms tech trends

5G will change the role of telecoms from simple technology distributors to both infrastructure and service providers. This shift will require telecoms to engage with governments, enterprise customers and alter their sales approach to help customers leverage the power of 5G.


Artificial intelligence is essential to improve and update telco networks as well as being at the forefront of fraud detection. As analytics moves from reactive to predictive, artificial intelligence also makes it possible for telecoms companies to get clear and actionable business insights from growing volumes of data that they collect.


Since telecoms is so fundamental in providing the platform and backbone for IoT, there is also a real opportunity for them to start developing their own services for IoT. IoT also supports telecoms companies by enabling them to better monitor base stations and data centres helping to ensure minimal downtime for the network.

RPA (Robotic Process Automation)

RPA offers high levels of scalability and agility for telecoms and can take over many tasks such as report generation, responding to customer questions, order processing, price tracking and many more.

Cloud computing

Telecoms companies are both Cloud computing provider and consumer. When telecoms adopt cloud technology and switch important business functions to the cloud, they benefit from the cloud’s efficiency but they also provide the platform for Cloud service delivery.

Security and protection

Telecoms companies store vast amounts of data on their networks and are therefore a prime target for cyber criminals. The advent of 5G will only increase the pressure on telecoms companies to protect customer data and protect them from malware and other forms of attack.


Companies like BT have already started to wrap content into their packages successfully (in their case mainly sport) but telecoms providers have an opportunity to offer tailored packages of content that could include streaming of music, videos and games, as well as the option for customers to accept ad-supported video.

Augmented and VR apps

Research shows that AR technology is currently enabled on 1 million mobile devices and is expected to grow to more than 3.4 billion devices in 2020.

Edge computing

IDC predicts that in three years, 45 percent of IoT-generated data will be stored, processed, analyzed, and acted upon close to or at the edge of networks.

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IT Infrastructure

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Our team of digital change experts and sustainable ecosystem, will help you employ and implement the latest ‘world class’ technological solutions’, tailored to your exact customer requirements, providing you with pragmatic, best in class advice at each stage of your digital transformation journey.

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Business Analytics

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Managed Services

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