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C3M joins hands with Intergence to expand in the UK market

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C3M, the San Francisco based Cloud Security and Cloud Compliance vendor today announced the signing of a business partnership with Cambridge headquartered IT infrastructure consultancy Intergence, to expand their presence in the UK.

San Francisco, January 15th, 2020: C3M, LLC today announced its partnership with UK based IT Infrastructure Consultancy, Intergence, to resell Cloud Control, its cloud security and compliance management platform.

Core to Intergence’s success is their platform Stratiam. Stratiam correlates data from multiple sources and presents a unique single view of the IT infrastructure using AI, to solve complex problems much faster and more cost-effectively.

‘Stratiam is a data transformation and visualisation platform which sits on top of your existing IT infrastructure.’ explains David Poulton, CTO, Intergence, ‘It provides a thorough understanding of all the complex relationships between multiple SaaS and Cloud platforms, blending data to give you a valuable combined insight into a client’s infrastructure and business state. By adding C3Ms Cloud Control solution Stratiam will further provide automated and actionable cloud security insights to help enterprises automate cloud security monitoring and management, and enforce much-needed security best practices while ensuring they are compliant with applicable security standards and regulations. In addition to integrating Cloud Control, we will also be exploring the opportunity to offer Cloud Control to our customers who are on the look-out for an intelligence cloud security platform that can give them actionable cloud security insights ’’

Paddy Viswanathan, CEO, and Founder, C3M said ‘C3Ms global strategy is to work alongside technically astute partners like Intergence, and we are excited to be part of Stratiam. Our Cloud Control platform offers 24*7 security monitoring, risk identification and remediation in a multi-cloud environment which is a perfect extension to the integrations Intergence offers today. Cloud Control will also be available to Intergence’s customers as a stand-alone offering outside Stratiam. This is a very strategic partnership for us in the region.’’

Viswanathan continued – ‘87% of enterprises globally have a “Cloud First” orientation but with that comes risk. Security breaches can come from misconfigurations and human error. Compliance frameworks are continually evolving, keeping up with your cloud inventory is challenging and not every enterprise really understands their duties in a shared responsibility security model with the cloud service providers. Cloud Control resolves these gaps’

Intergence and C3M will be launching through a series of webinars and technical workshops across the UK from February 2020 onwards.

About C3M Cloud Control

C3M, LLC is a San Francisco headquartered Cloud Security solutions provider. C3M’s cloud security platform is a 100% Agent-less, API based, cloud-native security solution that offers organisations complete cloud control through automated security intelligence, giving them actionable insights into the cloud, its security, and infrastructure, while also auto-remediating any security violations it detects. The solution has four (4) key modules: Cloud Security Governance, Cloud Compliance Management, Cloud Identity, and Access Management, and Cloud Query Language.

About Intergence

Intergence is an IT infrastructure consultancy which provides enterprise clients with world class expertise on solving complex IT infrastructure problems. We do this through a combination of our people, processes and automation, the heart of which is our unique Stratiam platform. Stratiam correlates data from multiple sources and presents a unique single view of the IT infrastructure using AI, to solve complex problems much faster and more cost effectively for senior IT leaders to deliver a better service for their users and customers.
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