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The sectors we serve

Technical transformation from the IT provider that knows your industry best 
Combining entrepreneurial thinking with industry experience, Intergence understands no two sectors are the same – and nor should their technical solutions be.  

Whatever your specialist sector, trust Intergence to put your business at its forefront. 

Specialism as standard

A good IT partner understands your technology. A great one understands your industry.

At Intergence, we pride ourselves on our hands-on approach and long-term commitment to your industry. Combining experts from the Fintech, Retail and Telecoms industry, we’ve never lost sight of our business roots – nor the technical changes these sectors need to stay current and competitive. 


In the wake of 5G, smart devices and increasing network pressure, few industries know the value of change like telecoms. Change means securing that data and leveraging it for exceptional new services.

Our consultancy and technical experience help telecom providers tackle the challenges of:

  • Data consumption, spearheaded by 5G, mobile broadband and IoT devices.

  • Content Providing, with 5G providing more opportunities (and demand!) for on-demand media

  • Data Breaches, which threaten providers daily and our becoming increasingly common, thanks to sophisticated cyber-attacks. 

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intergence charity


The successful charity reaches the right people, secures the best opportunities and provides the best in essential services. It’s those that invest in transformative solutions that stand to make the most impact.

With Intergence, charities are better equipped for:

  • Digital change, encouraging multi-channel support, streamlining donations and delivering essential services

  • Data Analytics, to improve revenue, increase business performance, and develop successful strategies

  • Economising, helping to alleviate the pressure of dwindling public sector support.


A sector that never sleeps needs upkeep, infrastructure and unparalleled resilience to keep its customers moving. In an industry dealing in journeys, let us take yours straight to its digital destination.

With Intergence, the transport sector is better equipped for: 

  • Increased margin pressure, supporting agile, flexible transport solutions that challenge convention and automate freight, booking and travel.

  • Market growth and retention, embracing digital change and streamlining customer processes – so nobody’s late to the train

  • Data insights, making data more digestible and leveraging analytics for impactful business change. 

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intergence local government

Local Government 

Infrastructure; it’s the foundation of our IT services and the backbone of your communities. With budgets under increasing pressure, the public and private sector need solutions that are as effective as they are economical.

At Intergence, we support local governments with: 

  • Budgetary concerns, implementing solutions built for long-term savings and liberating resources on your most in-demand departments. 

  • Driving digital, automating services and connecting citizens to crucial services more easily than ever. 

  • Single-channel citizens, consolidating your multiple channels and letting citizens access it more easily than ever with a single sign-on solution.


Make retail personal, prompt and more profitable. Incentivise sales by personalising the customer journey and identify sales potential with in-depth analytics. Digitally or physically, let’s redefine the retail experience. 

Intergence aids retailers with: 

  • Changing shopping habits, helping you personalise digital sales, make online shopping more beneficial and leverage data more effective customer insights.

  • Integration of Physical and Digital, bridging the gap between both retail channels and redesigning the outlet experience with integrated services

  • Personalisation, helping you provide immersive shopping experiences that make customers feel welcome and your marketing more relevant.

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intergence financial services

Financial Services 

When sensitive data, regulatory risk and personal finance are at stake, it helps to know your solutions are taking the complexity out of compliance – with fast-evolving, flexible fintech providing transformative opportunities.

Intergence aids the finance sector with:

  • Product and service delivery, helping you surpass client expectations and get products into their hands faster than ever.

  • Risk and regulation management, ensuring your business grows and expands without complicating compliance.

  • Data security and transparency, assuring customers that their online transactions are secure and protecting your company reputation.

With Intergence, you’re planned and prepared for the future, with solutions that drive results, adapt to an ever-changing workplace, and deliver solutions as consistent as they are durable.

For the journey, the destination and beyond, get in touch with our team today. 
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Approved and accredited

Your business concerns and compliances are perfectly protected. Our strategies and technologies aren’t implemented without strict regulatory adherence. 
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Enabled by Stratiam

Helping people prosper

Stratiam is our unique and unrivalled technical solution that enables its users to make better, more informed decisions. With extensive data visibility, and faster processes made possible by our advanced machine learning, Stratiam helps users navigate their data, challenges and responsibilities with unparalleled insight.


Connect data streams and visualise data for measurable, meaningful conclusions. Several pre-packaged templates provide the insights you need - or you can create your own based on your business goals.


Measure performance, volumes, costs, KPIs and more. Stratiam recognises patterns and preferences, automating all-new, AI-driven solutions that turn analytics into actions.


Stratiam is compatible with several popular business apps to make data collation easy, automation more streamlined, and your applications more holistic than ever before.


Both Intergence and its clients have equal access to Stratiam – meaning both have the insight, intelligence and analytics to collaborate on new opportunities.
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The Intergence difference

Change isn’t an event – it’s a journey. And we’re here to accompany yours from beginning to end. That means more than implementing technologies. It means learning your industry, your business and a dedication to an ongoing partnership with an unyielding eye on your future success.

We’re your partners for the planning, implementing and optimising of your company’s future; and to us, that’s a dedication that never truly concludes.
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