Remaining Competitive with Digital Transformation Tools

digital transformation tools

Long gone are the days of manually filing documents and screeching modem internet connection sounds. Today, digital transformation drives innovation across all sectors. As a business, you will already have noticed that your ability to stay competitive hinges on the degree to which you embrace digital transformation.

From the incredible pace of technological innovation to the need to accommodate hybrid work settings, opposing transformation is done at your own peril. It is not a new concept, but many businesses still fail to take advantage of its full potential. But how do you best harness the power of digital transformation without being derailed by potential challenges?


Evaluating Your Pain Points

No matter how far along the journey into digital transformation you are, there are pain points that are common across most businesses. The most prominent ones are:

  • Cost Efficiency - Most concerns tend to relate to costs: being cost-efficient is crucial and can make or break a business. You are aware by now that relying on old technology is more expensive in the long term than upgrading to newer technology, but it can be hard to gauge what is a good investment and what is reckless spending.
  • Client Retention - Demand is higher than ever, but the market is highly saturated, and there are many other businesses offering the same services you are offering. Client satisfaction is highly crucial in an environment where clients could easily find a replacement.
  • Remote Work Setup - Over the last couple of years it has become essential for companies to be able to adapt to remote work, scalability and remote access, which still proves to be a challenge for many. So, finding solutions to streamline processes and allow people to efficiently collaborate remotely is more important than ever.


Harnessing the Power of Digital Transformation

At this point, digital change is no news to any business. Embracing its full potential is a challenge worth figuring out, so we have created an overview showing you the advantages of working with a Managed Service Provider that can help you find the right digital transformation tools for you.


Cost and Time Savings

As you have seen in the pain points, cost efficiency is a big concern for many businesses. If you have a good technical setup, you will not only save money, but you will also save valuable time. Many companies have struggling IT departments that are stretched thin; overwhelmed by the many different directions they are being pulled in. So how can a Managed Service Provider help increase your capacity?

  • Outsourced transformation management for time efficiency - Hiring a digital transformation manager will allow you to free up capacity while simultaneously ensuring you have an expert by your side. Partners like Intergence evaluate your individual business needs and requirements and recommend (and implement) digital transformation in the best way possible for you. This ensures that you can keep pace with ever-evolving technologies in a time and cost-efficient manner, which can be a challenge, especially for small and medium-sized companies.
  • Cloud-based solutions for cost efficiency - The introduction of cloud-based solutions revolutionised the modern workplace. In addition to being more cost-efficient than legacy solutions, it is also indispensable in hybrid work environments in order to facilitate seamless remote collaboration. A cloud setting greatly relieves your IT department and gives you back time for what truly matters: your business. Depending on your requirements you can opt for private, public or hybrid cloud solutions. A digital transformation manager like Intergence can help you choose the right setup for your business.


Client Retention

Working with a cloud-based solution will help you with your client retention. You might wonder how, but the answer is more obvious that you would think: Using cloud computing will boost your efficiency, and the more efficient you are, the happier your clients are. Ultimately, this increases client satisfaction and retention.


Scalability and Flexibility

If the last couple of years have shown us anything, it is that scalability and flexibility are crucial to your work setting. Being able to accommodate seamless hybrid working in a world that is going remote is now more important than ever. A Managed Service Provider can help you optimise your IT infrastructure in order to facilitate remote working while simultaneously staying protected and efficient. And again, working with a Cloud-based solution will allow you to scale with ease and give you the flexibility you need.


How Intergence Can Help You

At Intergence, we understand the power of transformation. As a Managed Service Provider, the first step of any cooperation is assessment and consulting: only after understanding your individual business and its requirements will we recommend strategy and digital transformation tools. Once decided, we help implement your new tailored solutions, making the process as seamless as possible for you.

However, this in not where we stop. We support you every step of the way along your digital journey. As your Managed Service Provider, we will ensure you are using the latest technology and software in order to boost your efficiency. Our collaborative process will ensure you have the right tools in place and know how to use them, leaving you with a solid IT infrastructure that you can seamlessly manage, giving you more time for what matters most: your work. At Intergence, we help you lessen the load, ensuring that you are harnessing the full potential of digital transformation.

Best of all: Our managed IT services are only one of our 7 digital transformation strategies to help you achieve success. With our Intergence framework, we lay the foundation for your company’s growth, evolution and opportunities for the future.

To help you undergo an effective digital transformation, we have created a comprehensive eBook which explains how to use technology to enhance efficiency, improve business functions and drive success. We explore:

  • Why Digital Transformation is your Responsibility as a CIO
  • Intergence’s 7 Steps to Digital Transformation
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