Agile Service Management

Agile Service Management helps accelerate response and change enabling rapid fix and continuous service


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This ebook provides an in-depth exploration of Agile Service Management (ASM) and its benefits for IT operations and service delivery.
It explains the principles of agile methodologies applied to service management, highlighting how organisations can improve flexibility, responsiveness, and efficiency.
The eBook offers practical guidance on implementing ASM, including best practices, tools, and real-world examples.

Key Ideas and Expectations

  • Introduction to Agile Service Management: Explains the concept of ASM and how it combines agile methodologies with IT service management (ITSM) practices.

  • Benefits of ASM: Discusses the advantages of adopting ASM, such as improved service quality, faster response times, and enhanced customer satisfaction.

  • Core Principles: Outlines the fundamental principles of ASM, including continuous improvement, collaboration, and iterative processes.

  • Implementation Strategies: Provides practical advice on how to implement ASM within an organization, including steps for integrating agile practices with existing service management frameworks.

  • Tools and Technologies: Highlights the tools and technologies that support ASM, such as automation platforms and collaborative software.

  • Case Studies: Includes real-world examples and case studies demonstrating the successful adoption of ASM and its impact on service delivery.


This eBook is designed to help IT leaders and service managers understand the value of Agile Service Management and provides them with the knowledge and strategies needed to successfully implement ASM in their organizations.