Think Big Picture: The Importance of Digital Experience & How to Improve it

Digital experience

Whenever a customer reaches out to you, as a business, you want to provide them with exactly the services they’re looking for and fulfil their needs and expectations. In other words, you want them to have the best possible customer experience. Insufficient user experience and unhappy customers usually lead to customer churn and a loss in revenue – something that you’ll want to avoid. However, most companies struggle to offer a great digital experience that will bring their customer satisfaction levels to a new high or keep their employees’ productivity level continuous. With markets in the IT space rapidly moving, it can be challenging for digital businesses to keep up with both customer and employee demands and expectations. So how do businesses overcome these challenges? Three magic words: Quality of Experience.

What is Quality of Experience?

Quality of Experience (QoE) - in contrast to Quality of Service (QoS) which measures the performance of hardware or software - measures the overall experience a user has with your services. This usually relates to multimedia communication such as website browsing, video, and call quality. Through Quality of Experience, factors such as security, efficiency, ease of use, reliability, cost, etc. can be measured to ensure a high level of digital customer experience.  

Why is QoE and a smooth digital experience important?  

Quality of Experience is important because your whole business growth and success depends on it. As it helps you measure, assess and control the experience an end-user has with your services, you can ensure a high level of customer satisfaction. In today’s crowded marketspace, you need to provide your customers with an outstanding digital user experience if you want to keep a competitive edge. The digital space is highly competitive, if you don’t offer your customers the service they expect, they’ll simply move on to your competitors. That’s why providing a smooth and fast experience is essential for your business advantage. And by measuring your Quality of Experience you can meet both your customers' and teams’ expectations and keep them happy.  

How do I improve my business’ digital customer experience?  

Luckily, Digital Experience Management can easily enhance the digital customer experience and is a real game-changer when it comes to measuring your QoE and optimising your customer experience. It offers your businesses various performance-enhancing features by ensuring that all your services are fully available and functioning across all your digital channels to drive better business outcomes.  


What is Digital Experience Management?  

Digital Experience Management (DEM) is a method of aligning all your digital channels into one place, meaning all your data is centralised and can be managed from one single platform. It helps you render your customers’ experience much smoother but also gives you insight into what is working or what might not be working.  

Apart from improved customer satisfaction, effective Digital Experience Management allows you to make strategic business decisions to drive revenue and increase employee productivity. With more visibility and greater understanding of your audience, you can meet your customers’ needs more effectively and improve staff well-being with better communication and involvement. 

Digital Experience Management Tools

Traditionally, businesses have tracked and monitored several digital channels through multiple tools, making the process complex, inefficient and confusing. This also makes it harder for businesses to gain valuable insight into their data and make sense of it, as it is presented in silos and too technical.  

To increase value and keep a competitive advantage, Digital Experience Management platforms need to correlate data from multiple channels and provide real-time analysis, preferably all in one view. Additionally, DEM needs to be part of an overall IT monitoring system that looks at all digital channels such as networks, applications, servers, and Wi-Fi to rationalise this data. 

Intergence’s solution Stratiam is the UK’s first DEM solution that combines all of that in one user-friendly and centralised dashboard. Stratiam allows your team to understand and fix complex infrastructure problems much faster, while saving costs and providing both your customers and employees with an outstanding digital experience. 

Discover the endless experience-enhancing features of this world-class experience-enhancing solution that will transform your business and help you increase productivity, satisfy customers and increase your revenue. Find out how we’ve helped one of our clients on their digital transformation journey with our Stratiam solution or speak with one of our Stratiam specialists today.  


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