At Intergence we’ve been helping clients simplify and improve the performance of their IT Infrastructures since 2003. It’s at the very heart of who we are and why we are successful today.
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What makes Intergence different?

IT infrastructure is in our DNA

  • We are IT industry professionals, with many years of operational experience across a broad range of industries and sectors.
  • We love what we do. IT Infrastructure is in our DNA and at the very heart of who we are and what has made Intergence successful today.
  • We don’t just tell you about the problems with your IT, we help you fix them too.
  • We run many operational environments on behalf of clients and will provide you with access to all of the latest tools, technologies and processes to improve the performance of your IT.
  • We have turned our experience into unique tools and processes to help you extract and turn data into insight, including Stratiam – the worlds’ first data correlation and visualisation tool, which is the only platform on the market that provides a single view of all of your IT Infrastructure and data.
  • We believe the only way to improve the performance of your IT Infrastructure is by spending time walking the floor of your business and seeing the
  • problems first-hand.
  • Our commitment is to a simple, pragmatic, non-jargon approach to solving your complex IT Infrastructure challenges end-to-end.
  • We will always leave in place the skills, knowledge and capabilities to help you improve the performance of your IT Infrastructure on a continuous and sustainable basis.
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How can we help you?

There is an old saying “what you can’t measure, you can’t improve”. This is why we spend time out in the field, auditing, assessing and evaluating the complexity of your existing IT Infrastructure, in order to benchmark and then identify and quantify opportunities to simplify and improve it. We use simple tools, processes and insight to give you a clear picture of your entire IT architecture, including any inter-dependencies, so that remediation can be achieved with scientific precision and rigour.

Data centres sit at the epicentre of your infrastructure, which is why data centre projects must be meticulously planned before, during and after any changes are made. We can help you at each stage of your project, from developing the right strategy, through to planning and executing technical delivery and ensuring any changes are embedded and continuously improve.

We have been designing, building and optimising the performance of traditional networks for our clients since Intergence was formed in 2003. Many businesses are still built on and operate through traditional networks but as the demands on these increase so does the potential for speed, capacity and performance issues. We help our clients to optimise and upgrade their existing networks to keep them delivering for longer.

As well as optimising traditional networks, we also help our clients benefit from technological advances in software driven networks, designed to provide greater bandwidth flexibility and true unified communications. SD-WAN networks not only perform better, they are more scalable and a lot cheaper to run. They are also much easier to manage and less vulnerable to security threats compared to traditional networks such as MPLS.

At Intergence we adopted a “Cloud First” approach for our own IT Infrastructure three and a half years ago, which has allowed us to not only deliver more flexible services but to continue operating normally during the COVID-19 pandemic. This is why we are able to help our clients on the same journey, from advising on the best strategy and technology decisions, which achieve the fastest ROI, through to migrating your on-premise services and applications to the cloud and benefits realisation.

Switching to Contact-Centre-as-a-Service (CCAAS) has enabled us to further improve the quality of service to our clients and proved invaluable during the COVID-19 pandemic, allowing us to continue serving our clients from home. Not only does the service provide increased functionality and flexibility it is also easy to install and integrates with systems such as CRM. We are now helping our clients benefit from this technology themselves with services up and running within 10 days.

Our audits will help you identify and deliver significant performance improvements to your desktop services as well as opportunities to enable more effective remote working, making Working-From-Home (WFH) feel much more immersive.

We have helped many of our clients develop and execute desktop strategies. We can either migrate your desktop services to our Managed Service desk, where we would look after them for you, or we can rationalise and improve your desktop services and processes, so they operate more efficiently and effectively.

As the number of applications that organisations have running at any one time increases so does the difficulty in managing and maintaining their performance. We work with all of the leading Application Management Vendors and have extensive experience in resolving many critical problems for our clients through effective application tooling, insightful analysis and effective remediation programmes.

IT Infrastructure

Intergence have been simplifying and modernising IT Infrastructures since 2003, helping clients build solid foundations that enable digital change and drive sustainable growth.

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At Intergence we believe in a simple, pragmatic, non-jargon approach to digital change, focusing on teamwork, communication and collaboration.
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